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  1. base363

    Steel tube fuselage DVD

  2. B

    Allowed to design and build own LSA at home?? Yes? No?

    If a person wants to BOTH design and build their own lsa at home, is that allowed by the Gov? The lsa I'm thinking of is basically a 40 lbs over the limit ultralight, stall around 35 to 40 mph, intended to be used in the same way as a 103, not carry any passengers, 10 gal of fuel. As i...
  3. O

    A simple question... Hopefully.

    Hello, I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to post this question. I am building an agile rotocraft. It will be lifted by four propellers, powered by a single engine. I was wondering if I could get any recommendations as to the most appropriate amount of horsepower for such an...
  4. proppastie

    Boeing reports wing cracks on Dreamliners

    Everybody makes mistakes. I am not familiar, does the Dreamliner have metal spars, or is this really a de-lamination or other composite flaw. I did not think composites would have hair line cracks.
  5. G

    Losta Aircraft Links All New

    While searching the web these links were found to be interesting they cover a myriad of subjects and several require time to discover all the content. It is suggested you examine each for your areas of interest. If you find dupe let me know and thanks: CAD and 3D freeware ...
  6. C

    1,000lb "plane"

    Hi I'm new ere and to project planes,but not to building other things. I want to build this from the ground up as a prototype design I have, but while I wait on my Raymer's book to be delivered . I have some questions I'd like answered: 1: To lift a combined...
  7. A

    Thanks for the Welcome

    I have been doing research now for the past 10 years into the workings of the helicopter, and the Gyro plane. I now have the plan kit from Ron Herron to build one of his Little Wing tractor style Gyro. An accomplished metal machinist, welder, and in general engineering, I am looking forward to...