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  1. WonderousMountain

    Trash or Build?

    Sooo... Many years ago I started on this conventional three surface Comp. Draft with a vague idea of simple-slick sport flying. It is basically a whole lot of nothing. Inverted V empannage for balance, a canard to change Center of lift, Twin booms because the prop got in the way, and a...
  2. whizzywhizzer

    update pics of the BF109 build.......

    here's where I'm at so far as from 29 - may - 2016
  3. whizzywhizzer

    ME109 build

    here's some progress pics =D
  4. whizzywhizzer

    ME109 Messerschmitt G10 sculpture build

    adding some details inside.......... a lot of fun to build
  5. whizzywhizzer

    BF-109 G10 sculpture

    hi everyone, I'm currently building a life size BF-109 in Aluminium. going for the crash landed look, but intact.
  6. MotoChaos

    A voice from Upstate New York!

    Hello all! My name is Jason and I live in upstate New York, just outside of the city of Watertown. I have always wanted to fly, since I was very young, and I have recently got the itch to do something about it. Winter is here and that means less things to do outside, so my plan is to begin...
  7. H

    Around the world in a tea daze! advice please :)

    Hey guys! litrally joined the site to post this, because after going through the site, i can tell there is alot of knowledge and enthusiasm on here, and i intend to stick around :) but here goes. I intend to design and build my own... contraption... I plan on using aluminium tubing, should be...
  8. Willzilla

    I'm back again. This is the start of my design

    Some people here might remember me from a while ago, asking for advice and designing and building my own ultralight. I never gave up on that and I know a bit more now then back then when I posted a thread. If you look back please excuse my bad wording! It makes me look like an idiot! It was from...
  9. F

    HELP! Im an RC veteran who wants to make the transition into ultralights!

    hey! Viking here, in need of help and tips! lets start off with this, I'm planning on building a Beaujon Enduro, it seems a suitable ultralight, due to its simplicity, and low cost. I already understand the basics of flying, having built and flown models for the past 5 years. And I am in need...
  10. D

    Best Books on Homebuilt Construction

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here but this site looks like a great resource. Thanks for posting! I am looking for recommendations on the best books/magazines available for people new to homebuilding. I'm a student (Aerospace Engineering) and am planning to start a student-based team to design...