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  1. J

    Design Discussion: Dornier Seastar

    The Dornier Seastar is, to me, a very intriguing configuration. Ultimately, my question is: Do you think such a configuration could be made more efficient (in terms of drag) than the Rutan Boomerang configuration? Let's remove the sponsons and streamline the fuselage for a non-amphibian...
  2. G

    Rutan's Bommerang-like high altitude twin STOL concept?

    Hi everyone, What's your thoughts on the conceptual design of a high altitude twin STOL airplane using the twin safety method of Rutan's bommerang? This airplane would be specifically used in Tibetan-like area for observation, search and rescue, supply and medivac. Like the old saying about...
  3. karoliina.t.salminen

    Next configuration to be discussed: Boomerang configuration and other multi-pods

    Some people would say that a conventional configuration with one fuselage instead of two would have less wetted area and what not, but is that really the case with Boomerang? I don't think so. Boomerang is highly efficient in its class, it goes very fast with relatively low power - despite it...