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  1. J

    Rotax 912 Performance upgrades (Turbo, Big Bore, Etc)

    I have a Zenith 601XL-B that's getting close to needing an engine, and since I'm out west in Southern California with family in CO, I'm thinking I need something with some high altitude performance and reliability behind it since I'll be flying over mountains - and of course I'm on a budget...
  2. Armilite

    Wanted Rotax 277 CDI Upgrade Options???

    Building a Big Bore 277UL from parts off ebay, etc. Got a 277UL Type Case, Crank & Rod, Cylinder, and dual plug motorcycle head to start. I was told it had Bosch Points Ignition. I want a CDI Ignition. What's my options? I had a stator plate setup off I think a late 80s, early 90s 583/617 that...