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    Avid Flyer B model documentation

    I recently acquired a 1989 Avid Flyer B model without logs. I am trying to find any build manuals / documentation for this aircraft so that I can get it back into the air. If anyone might have a lead on the logs or additional information about the aircraft, the N number is N300TG. Anyone have...
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    Avid Flyer B model with old 503

    I recently acquired an Avid Flyer B model with no logs and a single ignition, water cooled 503 with an estimated 230 hours on it. The aircraft was built in 1989. I am guessing this is one of the early conversions and with no logs, I can't say that I trust it. Additionally, I am guessing that...
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    For Sale WHEEL PANTS

    2 Fiberglass Wheel Pants, Originally for Avid Magnum May be modified for other aircrafts. $50+Shipping Call Rick 772-283-4834
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    For Sale 2 Wheel Pants: Fiberglass $175 OBO

    Call for photos, Originally for Avid Magnum 772-283-4834
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    For Sale Selling Avid Magnum and Lycoming Engine

    Hello Home build airplane community. I have inherited an Avid Magnum and Textron Lycoming engine from my uncle who built the plane. He had < 100 hours of flying before he nicked a wing while landing and stored it in the barn never to be used again. While it is far from usable in its current...
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    For Sale AVID MAGNUM KIT PLANE - Moving Must Sell !

    Folding Wings, Trailer it Home, No Tie Down Fees ! Magnum is a high-wing strut-braced monoplane with a welded steel tube fuselage, folding wings have aluminum spars and wooden ribs which are ready to cover. Enclosed cabin has side-by-side configuration seating for two w/option for an add'l seat...