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  1. Max Volume

    Arnold rule; Mike Arnold's aerodynamic ideas

    probably the most important movie I'll make -
  2. Max Volume

    Arnold Ar- 5 ad # 2

  3. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold Forum at San Jose Ca. EAA

    the last Forum video - I think! -
  4. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold Forum at Concord Ca. EAA

    1993 at the local chapter;
  5. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Tapes vintage commercial

    the ad we made;
  6. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Crash Rescue

    goodnight! it's very late!
  7. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Crash repair

    I ran across this - the AR-5 upside-down in the shop...
  8. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold AR-5 home movies

    I wish we had video of Mike and I muscling the wing in earlier by ourselves!
  9. Max Volume

    Bruce Carmichael inspects Mike Arnold's AR-5

    Horizontal stabilizer airfoil design is talked about...
  10. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold AR-5 forum at Oshkosh pt1 and 2

    Mike talks about the origin of the AR-5 - part 2 - Bruce Carmichael
  11. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold at Witchita EAA

    Both parts;
  12. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold and AR-5 manifold modification

    I totally forgot we shot this too -
  13. Max Volume

    Mike Arnold prepares the AR-5 for the World Record attempt

    I'm also reposting this to make it easier to find - I had COMPLETELY forgot I ever recorded this!
  14. A

    Why was the AR-5 retired from use?

    Evening, New member here, I'm a recently qualified microlight pilot in the UK (very similar to Sport Pilot in the USA, fixed wing MTOW 990lbs, stall <35kts etc day VFR only) I've always been interested in aircraft and would love to buy either my own aircraft, or a share, perhaps next year. I...