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  1. recmob

    For Sale: 2017 Searey LSX, Rotax 914. Reduced $98k OBO

    Brokering for the owner: 170 Hrs TTAE This kit started as a Classic Searey, purchased from a Searey dealer still in the crate. The new owner has converted the aircraft to the LSX during the construction. This is not a rebuild! Empty Weight is 990 Lbs, Gross Weight set at 1510 Lbs. ALL...
  2. Woodenwings

    Light Touring Amphibian - LTA-9

    I have been thrashing away for over 10yrs (on-and-off) on my own design. It uses the LSA amphibian specifications as a guide but will be made as an amateur-built (experimental) to allow me more artistic licence. Aircraft Mission: Just for me....not a commercial venture...unless someone buys...
  3. N

    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    Icon A5 Purchase Contract May Be More Complex Than The Aircraft Itself... | Aero-News Network
  4. F

    Looking for an inexpensive light sport Amphibious aircraft

    This forum looks great and I'm new to flying. All I know is that since I live in Florida I definitely want an amphib and it has to be either ELSA or SLSA. I've looked at the Icon A5 which is great but they haven't made any yet and they cost a bundle... Only slightly less $$ is the Searey lsx...