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  1. D

    Patenting a design

    How do you decide whether or not an airplane design should be patented?
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    Flight verification.
  3. D

    Removing "useless" struts between the fore and aft wing spar of a goat4 ultralight.

    Hi people of HBA,my question is will there be any consequence if I remove the strut (A and B )between the wing spars of my goat4 ultralight? seen in this image below...
  4. D

    Is the wing attach fitting ever loaded with shear force?

    Do wing attach fittings of semi-cantilevered plane(eg a wire braced ultralight) ever get subjected to shear force?(for example during roll,does the centrifugal force of the wings load the wing attach fittings with shear?).
  5. D

    In sleeve:yes.....outsleeve???

    In sleeve tubes help to reinforce high stress areas in wing spars,my question is,is there anything like outsleeve tube? Isn't it better to just put a sleeve tube on the outside of the spar rather than cutting the spar then inserting the insleeeve tube?
  6. T

    For Sale SA-7 Stits

    Fully assembled (engine cowling included) SA-7 Stits Skycoupe. Experiential aircraft design. Needs lots of work to make flight worthy. Currently located at South Salt Lake, Utah 84119-2415. No other information available. $6000.00 Call 508.789.697. NO TEXT MESSAGES OR EMAILS WILL NOT BE...
  7. L

    Outboard as an aircraft engine?

    I don't know if you guys found this yet but apparently a guy is working on putting a 230 hp Mercury Outboard in his Acro Sport. Mercury Outboard Conversion for an Aircraft, Part 2 | EAA AirVenture Oshkosh I find this interesting, because as we know aircraft engines cost an arm and a leg. So do...
  8. F

    New Twin Aircraft Design

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get your opinions on a new safer twin aircraft design that me and my Professor have created and tested. It should eliminate all of the Vmc issues encountered in the "classic" layout of a twin engine aircraft. What do you guys think? Think this is something you would...
  9. clayton.zamudio

    New Member: CLAYTRONATOR! Looking to FLY!!

    Good EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Man how excited I am to get involved in the aviation community, it has always been a passion of mine and I don't know why i haven't pursued it professionally! I am recently honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps and really have aims to reach...
  10. D

    For Sale Newest Aviation Classified site for you

    Aviation Recycle - Aviation Recycle If it Flies, Recycle It We have been online for a time and do have some items and planes listed. Visit us and send your friends and post your extras for sale or trade. Also visit out recycle aviation yahoo group. Just do a search for recyle aviation on yahoo...
  11. C

    My first Big Project, homebuilt BF109 E4.

    Hello, the names crews94 I am a new member, I am currently junior in High school, And I want to build My own airplane. I have begun using scaled prints from a model kit, and after finding the scale of the images, have begun creating, 1:1 scale drawings, or as close as they will get, for now...