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  1. M

    Aviation Museum Project

    Hello, my name is Marian Madalin, mechanical engineer and aviation passionate. I am trying to open myself a small aerospace museum or open space for any kind of aircraft here in my country(Romania). The project is entirely nonprofit and will be based exclusively on donations. It is more like an...
  2. L

    What tools do you use for design work?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member, been lurking for a while so let me know if I'm breaking any posting rules. It looks like a lot of people on this forum are doing designs from scratch. I've been working on some homebuilt designs and I've got some questions about the processes you guys use to work...
  3. T

    SA-7 Stits

    Fully assembled (engine cowling included) SA-7 Stits Skycoupe. Experiential aircraft design. Needs lots of work to make flight worthy. Currently located at South Salt Lake, Utah 84119-2415. No other information available. $6000.00 Call 508.789.697. NO TEXT MESSAGES OR EMAILS WILL NOT BE...
  4. G

    Wing In Ground Effect Craft Design

    I would like to discuss the different aerodynamic designs of wig craft. Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated. To get the conversation started I am interested in a longer range craft powered by twin engines, either Chevrolet motors or aircraft motors. A craft that is similar to...
  5. A


    Hi all When I was a child in Spain, only people with lots of money were able to fly safely in a closed cockpit. This was not only not fair but also disappointing With the new LSA rules I´m willing to turn this around. To do so, first I needed a safe and easy-flying aircraft, easy task. Secondly...
  6. A

    CJ-6 aircraft spare parts from China

    Hello, Guys, We are a supplier of aircarft spare parts from China. Below forms lists parts of our spare parts. If you are interested in it, pls feel free tp let us know. S/N Item No. Description Qty in Stock Condition 1 H2-4150-00 Main Landing Gear Actuator 2 brand new 2...
  7. I

    Wooden Aircraft Plans

    Hi. I am 14 years old and am planning to start an aircraft project with my grandfather (preferably out of wood). I was wondering if anyone new of any aircraft plans (preferably free or cheap plans). The aircraft must be a high wing with 2 seats and 2 doors. Thanks.
  8. R

    what should be the RPM ?

    what should be the RPM ? of the VTOL to lift the weight of the 800 kgs ? how it can be calculated? please explain me clearly.....
  9. R

    Phase selection

    which phase is better for the electric ducted fan in hoverbike, 1 phase? or 3 phase?. i want to know the difference between those two and which is best suitable?
  10. Pipercub95

    Unidentified Plane!!! Can some one please help me identify this plane!

    So this one plane has been flying over my house for the longest of times (since I was about 5) I just want to get some help identifying it. I think it looks like a Icon A5 without amphibious capability.Anyway here are some pics. All help is appreciated!;)
  11. F

    New Twin Aircraft Design

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get your opinions on a new safer twin aircraft design that me and my Professor have created and tested. It should eliminate all of the Vmc issues encountered in the "classic" layout of a twin engine aircraft. What do you guys think? Think this is something you would...
  12. L

    Learning Composites

    I was wondering what everyone would suggest for learning composite aircraft construction? For the first level I suggest a typical boat/canoe/vehicle fiberglass repair kit on something damaged. If you get good results doing that move to something a little more complex. I did this (fixed a...
  13. halfscalemustang

    MJ-77 Jurca P-51 Mustang

    Well guys I ditched the 50% P-51 and grew up to an 80%! I just brought home a partially built MJ-77 Mustang. From what I learned on the previous Mustang, I feel quite confident that this a quality airframe. Since I bought and sold the last Mustang I have since acquired a Quickie Tri-Q, 53' Piper...
  14. Holtzy3

    78 chevyc-10 stepside 350 small block for project plane

    hey guys I've decided to trade my '78 Chevy c-10 step-side Truck has 85k miles. Needs nothing but a head gasket and the interior put back in, all the parts to finish are there minus the head gasket. 2 very minor spots of rust neither bigger than 5in and i figure most people on here know how to...
  15. E

    ATEQ ADSE 712 Altitude Controller Leak Tester

    We are the Avionics Test Equipment Experts providing full support to the airlines, aircraft operators, maintenance facilities and avionics and aircraft repairmen around the world. We buy, sell, lease and rent new and used aviation test equipment and tools. AvionTEq also provides added services...
  16. listinventory

    New Member from Austin, TX

    Hello HBA! This is a cool forum and looks well established. I am looking forward to reading posts and (hopefully) answering any "Tools" or "Parts" related questions. We have been in the tool and aircraft parts business for 20 plus years so we would like to think we have learned a thing or two...
  17. Harley


    Hey Guys, Are you going to be attending the 2011 EAA? If so please let me know I will be going for my second time and I would love to check out your aircraft! Please post pics of the aircraft you will be showing off so that I keep my eyes out for them at the event! Thanks, and see you...
  18. J

    Great Resource for Historic Aviation Restoration

    "Dear fellow enthusiasts - We've just started collecting and scanning historical aviation manuals for enthusiasts or restorers. We put a lot of time and effort into the project (that's why we can't give them away for free) and recommend that you take a look at our website. These manuals are...
  19. A

    Are wing piercing wings the future?

    Can anyone tell me more about this new wing piercing airplane from Warped Dynamics,LLC? They claim(Warped Dynamics, LLC - Home) it is the airfoil of the future were it pierces the air for reduce drag to increase fuel ecomony. They also claim it is efficient at low and high speed without the need...
  20. K

    Hello from Muncie, IN

    Hi, I am Kevin. I am very much interested to know know about different aircrafts and it's functionality and it's background.