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  1. stigghiola

    Air.Co.De. Tool

    Hello everyone, for some years I have been dedicating myself to the aircraft design for pure passion. I was originally using Catia v5 and it's a fantastic modeling tool, but expensive and prohibitive. Then a guy (my current professor of flight mechanics) asked me to enroll in aerospace...
  2. 1

    New member from TX, USA

    Hello all, I'm in the Central Texas area, originally from Nebraska and have been a certificated private pilot since 2000. It's been a decade since I've been up and I'm really itching to start flying again. Homebuilt aircraft have been a life-long love affair (many, many models built) and I will...
  3. M

    Aircraft RAMS Analysis books!

    I am interested in acquiring in-depth the Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety analysis and I am seeking a good book corcerning this topic. I wish to buy a book which examines particularly how to carry out this type of analysis in the aircraft world. I would take into accout...
  4. M

    Iron Bird Test Systems

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a Research project concerning the Design of an Iron Bird Test systems for more all electric aircrafts and I would like to know better these systems. I managed to find many documents about them, but there would be nice to get more information about the...
  5. A


    Want to announce and introduce my design project: A-Bird, affordable advanced aerobatic aircraft...