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  1. B

    Cheapest solution for Mode C Transponder and ADS-B?

    I am starting a build, and as life goes I am living under the Mode C veil of SAN. So basically I have two choices. One, making it non-engine-driven-electrical and being exempted. Two, biting the bullet and getting a Mode-C transponder and an ADS-B. I guess in a busy airspace where we are, being...
  2. smittysrv

    My new Sentry Mini ADS-B Receiver

    My (really old) first generation Stratus stopped working. Since I'm retired, I needed an inexpensive replacement. Here's a video I did for my new ADS-B Receiver.
  3. J

    Stratux assembly demonstration - weather/Traffic on Foreflight and more

    We made a video showing how you can build your own ADS-B receiver for just $100 ! You will be surprised how easy it is to add weather and traffic to your navigational display (Foreflight and others) using this home made box. This YouTube video we made will explain how to do this. Click to...