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    Rotax 912 Performance upgrades (Turbo, Big Bore, Etc)

    I have a Zenith 601XL-B that's getting close to needing an engine, and since I'm out west in Southern California with family in CO, I'm thinking I need something with some high altitude performance and reliability behind it since I'll be flying over mountains - and of course I'm on a budget...
  2. L

    Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion by Vz POWER 120hp

    Let me introduce you our Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion offering: we deliver a ready to bolt on 120hp turbocharged engine, simple, light, powerfull, responsive, and... quite affordable (compared to the Rotax 914). We also deliver the turbo kit alone. I will not make the post too long, as all...
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    For Sale Rans S7 Engine Mount Fits 912 Rotax

    Rans S7 Engine Mount, Fits 912 Rotax, Excellent Condition, Color - Black, Includes: Sub-mount with rubber mounts, Earl's Oil Cooler and oil cooler mount. $475 OBO + Shipping, Call Rick @ 772-283-4834
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