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  1. djmcfall

    Rotax Gray Head

    Removed from a Kitfox for a 912 upgrade. Been stored on the airplane in a hangar. 30 hours TT since new. Includes electric start, oil injection and radiator. $2988, picked up in Idaho or will ship for actual cost.
  2. T

    Avid Flyer B model with old 503

    I recently acquired an Avid Flyer B model with no logs and a single ignition, water cooled 503 with an estimated 230 hours on it. The aircraft was built in 1989. I am guessing this is one of the early conversions and with no logs, I can't say that I trust it. Additionally, I am guessing that...
  3. B

    Rotax 582 Runout

    Good evening everyone, this is my first post. I recently acquired a nicely rebuilt blue head 582. Original hours on the engine were less than 40 I have installed and flew the engine. I have a GPL starter assembly installed. Out flying today and about to land when I felt a thump...
  4. M

    X-Air Std with a Rotax 582 Mod 90 Fuel Consumption

    Hi, I am trying to see or find a way to improve my fuel burn L I know the 582 and the X-Air are not that fuel friendly but I have been reading and could see that there are people out their flying the same machine and are having better fuel burn than I currently have ! My current setup...
  5. Armilite

    2 stroke Crank rebuild tools???

    Does anyone have any CAD drawings of the tools needed to rebuild Skidoo/Rotax cranks? Rich Gillen [email protected]
  6. D

    Rotax 582UL DCDI Mod 99 LC FWF Power Package - VERY LOW HOURS!

  7. Turbo_Boss

    Rotax 582 Quit in the air :-(

    Hello Guys, This Almost new Rotax 582 Blue Head with only 100 hrs in a Quicksilver decide to quit in the air. Emergency landing was ok with no damage to the Quicksilver neither to the pilot. The engine was working perfect and sudenly the RPM beguin to drop until it stop completely :( We...