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  1. T

    Avid Flyer B model with old 503

    I recently acquired an Avid Flyer B model with no logs and a single ignition, water cooled 503 with an estimated 230 hours on it. The aircraft was built in 1989. I am guessing this is one of the early conversions and with no logs, I can't say that I trust it. Additionally, I am guessing that...
  2. T

    Rotax 503 w/ 2.58 gearbox for sale

    I have for sale a SCSI Rotax 503 with 2.58 (A) gearbox for sale, I bought it with no logs so the hours are unknown, it runs perfectly. comes with exhaust and Bing carb. $850.00 I bought this engine intending on using it on my Parasol experimental, I have since decided to use a Generac. I...
  3. Armilite

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms?

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms? Can you take some measurements, or is it for Sale? I'm only interested in the RD-1 pipe, they made 3 other 503 pipes. RPM BRAKE FUEL FLOW/HR B.S.F.C. CORR.HP CORE TORQUE 3500 23.2 21 15.5 1.36 15.7...
  4. Y

    Rotax 503 DCDI – New in Box!!! With Everything

    Rotax503 w/ Dual Bing 54 Carbs, C-Gearbox (3.41:1), Oil Injected, Fischer Exhaust,Throttle Cables and Control Boxes (2). Purchased in February 2005, it has been stored in my home (Bedroom, closet, even in the living room at times) and never turned over. Money is tight and it’s time to part out...
  5. Armilite

    2 stroke Crank rebuild tools???

    Does anyone have any CAD drawings of the tools needed to rebuild Skidoo/Rotax cranks? Rich Gillen [email protected]
  6. B

    503 Head Gasket leak

    I have a M-Squared Breese 2 with 503 DCDI 300ish hours. I have been battling a stubborn oil leak for a while now. Well I should say trying to ignore an oil leak for a while. Its a pusher and the rear cylinder head gasket leaks just enough for the oil to pass the gasket and slobber all over the...
  7. parkert51

    503 Rotax, props exc...

    503 rotax DCDI, Dual Carb, Oil Injection, Gearbox Rope start, 92 hours showing $1,200.00 OBO 58" Competition Prop, Ground Adjustable, Best Offer BRAND NEW! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66 x 34, left rotation, gearbox tractor or belt drive pusher BEST OFFER! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66x34 RHR, Small...