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  1. stigghiola

    Air.Co.De. Tool

    Hello everyone, for some years I have been dedicating myself to the aircraft design for pure passion. I was originally using Catia v5 and it's a fantastic modeling tool, but expensive and prohibitive. Then a guy (my current professor of flight mechanics) asked me to enroll in aerospace...
  2. A

    3D Printed Airframe

    I have been thinking about building a Cozy Mark IV and, also being a bit of a techie, have been noticing the capabilities of 3D printing technology. There are plans for 3D printers with relatively large dimensions (5' high printing capacity, although the width leaves a bit to be desired), for...
  3. KevinThorp

    Survey - New designs from JDT Mini-Max

    As some of you know, JDT Mini-Max produces wood & fabric ultralight & LSA kits & plans. I've been helping them a bit by making 3D models of their potential new designs, to gauge customer interest. We posted a collection of those images here. Please have a look, then take the survey at the...