2 stroke


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  1. B

    Any information on Zenoah G50?

    I recently acquired a project coming with Zenoah G50 engines. It's a nice looking oppose twin 2-stroke engine, that looked similar to a Hirth F23. However, I have since been struggling to find information on this engine, such as the repair manual, connection diagram, and torque setting of...
  2. Armilite

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms?

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms? Can you take some measurements, or is it for Sale? I'm only interested in the RD-1 pipe, they made 3 other 503 pipes. RPM BRAKE FUEL FLOW/HR B.S.F.C. CORR.HP CORE TORQUE 3500 23.2 21 15.5 1.36 15.7...
  3. G

    Engines Choices Now There Are 3

    I found the mother load of PWC engines, so now I have 3 candidates Suzuki 640cc/64BHP, Rotax 782cc/110BHP, and Rotax 951/130BHP. See I'm a quick learner one Tigershark PWC was all it took, still even that lesson was still profitable. Yes it's the giant of BRP/Rotax who won the PWC survival race...
  4. G

    Let's stop kicking the can down the road on 2 stroke failures

    Hello 2 Stroke Aviation Guru's, I'm concerned about 2 stroke engines suddenly stoppages in-flight. After examining several failed cranks it would appear these factors are major players; lack of lubrication at operating speed, bearing failures (oil quality, caged vs. loose full fill bearings, WOT...
  5. J

    Safest most reliable way to operate a 2 stroke?

    Hi All, I've been reading a few threads here about two stroke reliability, and have heard different views on their operation, maintenance, safety, reliability, etc. And although the two aircraft I'm looking at have FWF kits for the 912, they also offer them for the Rotax 582, Simonini Victor...