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    New member from TX, USA

    Hello all, I'm in the Central Texas area, originally from Nebraska and have been a certificated private pilot since 2000. It's been a decade since I've been up and I'm really itching to start flying again. Homebuilt aircraft have been a life-long love affair (many, many models built) and I will...
  2. S

    USA FAR 103 Seaplane Riddle ?

    I dont think very many have ever figured out just what a jewel the FAA gave the USA in that they took the regular 254 pound weight limit and 25 pound parachute allowance and added a 30 pound allowance for a hull and two 10 pound allowances for sponsons. Specifically there are some pusher...
  3. B

    How much does a freakin' prop weigh?????????

    How much does a 36in diameter wood prop weigh for a 103 ultralight???? For the love all that is holly I cannot find the answer on google and it is really really burning my cookies. Obviously, i know "it depends" and "it varies" but come on. What do your props weigh? Is 4lbs +/- 1lbs a fair...
  4. M

    Legal Part 103 single-seat trike as flying boat (like Polaris or Sea Trike)?

    I am searching for an inexpensive low-n-slow Part 103 one-seater Trike with floats--no x-country, usage in favorable wind conditions only. Looking at the non-103 two-seater "flying boats" from Polaris and Sea Trike from the '80s and '90s gave me a crazy idea... why not use an inflatable boat...
  5. B

    Can FAR103 Ultralights have retractable landing gear?

    I know LSAs have to have fixed. What about 103ULs?
  6. B

    Alaskan Ultralgiht Plan... is it possible???

    Hello World! My plan: I want to build an 103 ultralight for the purpose of sticking it on a trailer, driving it from metro Detroit area (via Alaskan Hwy) to around and about Fairbanks Alaska next summer. Want to use it to fly like 80 miles out of Fairbanks, camp out for a MONTH, flying...
  7. M

    Help with wing building part 103

    Hello all, new member here from Tucson. I'm in the drafting phase of building a part 103 UL from scratch and I've come to a snag. I've been learning the science behind airfoil shapes and have picked my airfoil(naca 4418). I did all the math from Chris Heintz's article...
  8. Rienk

    New Ultralight and LSA Trainer design PAIR 2

    Well, I haven't given up on this project, but I wanted to get rid of the poll :ermm: I keep wondering about the whole 103UL thing… it’s hard not to consider the options for making a truly inexpensive RTF aircraft, and realizing that the weight limit will be hard to meet – but going LSA is...