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Thread: Rudder shape reference?

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    Rudder shape reference?

    From the early days of aviation until at least the Second World War, and in some cases later, certain aviation companies maintained a signature style in the shape of their aircraft rudders. Fokker, de Havilland, Avro, SPAD, Nieuport, etc. aircraft could all be identified just from their rudders. So here's my question...does anyone know of a poster or book or web site or other source that presents those signature rudder shapes together for reference? Cheers, Matthew
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    Re: Rudder shape reference?

    I'm not aware of anything like that, but I think it would make for a pretty nice poster. Want to draft Lynn Williams to do it? I'd buy one!

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    Re: Rudder shape reference?

    Maule would need two shapes: classic and modern dorky.


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