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  1. hangarrat101

    M14D engine

    There's a brochure on the Motorstar website for it. The Huosai 6 in the Nanchang is still geared and supercharged, just not to the same degree as the M14P. It's basically a Chinese licence-built Ivchenko AI-14. The only strange thing is the weight for the M14D in the brochure is the same as for...
  2. hangarrat101

    Modern Aircooled 4-Cylinder Aircraft Engine Using Contemporary Engine Technology

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Dynon or Vashon has something to do with this. Edit: just read some of the previous comments, seems I’m a couple of years behind the game here!
  3. hangarrat101

    Rotax 912is for $35,000???

    Assuming the engines in Indonesia do exist one wonders where they're from. Over the last few years there have been dozens (literally) of Rotax engines stolen in the UK. People would break into the hangar and remove the engine from the front of the aircraft. I know one strip had 6 engines stolen...
  4. hangarrat101

    Why are Franklin the only sleeved cylinders?

    Franklins are an engine that's always interested me. Hadn't ever heard of a 6a4-150 in a Cessna before but I've heard good things about the 6a-350 converstions, from those who know and understand them. I did come across this page the other day. This company does a similar cylinder for Lycoming...
  5. hangarrat101

    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Just seeing everyone talking about power, this is a reply Pete posted to this very question some time ago.
  6. hangarrat101

    O-100-- interesting new engine

    I've been following this thread since its inception, it's been a fascinating project to watch grow and I'm genuinely excited to see it coming closer to fruition. Would be awesome to see an update with progress!
  7. hangarrat101

    P85 - A New Aircraft

    What's the latest news with the project? Looks pretty exciting but seems to have gone very quiet lately!
  8. hangarrat101

    Verner 3-cylinder radial in flight on a replica Farman Moustique

    Off-topic for the thread I know, but I've seen a picture of I think Jack Herford's flybaby with an HCI 180 on the front. Does anyone know the results/performance that were achieved? Other than the one picture I've not seen or heard anything
  9. hangarrat101

    O-100-- interesting new engine

    They're pricey I think but The LeBurg setup is very good and will work on 2 or 4 cyl engines. Not sure how similar it is to lightspeed
  10. hangarrat101


    Although interested, I am an utter novice with little knowledge in this area. However, I have had the chance to work on several of these engines (1600's fitted to Rollason Turbulents) and I believe they use a standard Solex carb, which seems to work fine. Also, just a thought, but would it be...
  11. hangarrat101

    Twin Ford V10s anyone...anyone...

    has anyone considered looking at the 702 GMC V12? i've heard that parts are difficult to come by, and they're probably very heavybut they produce massive torque at fairly low rpm
  12. hangarrat101

    Diesel engines

    lol ireally wish i lived in the states sometimes. although in the UK Jet-A is (I think) somewhere around the $5.40/gal mark AVGAS is well over $14/gal. over here diesel is looking quite attractive if a good one were to come on the market at a good price
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