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    Designing an aircraft with BRS

    G'day all, I too am interested in BRS setups - specifically in the upper limits of their capabilities. I'd like to know could an off the shelf BRS be retrofitted onto an RV type airframe and what the operational limits might be if you could. Cheers Tom
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    Distributed Electric Propulsion

    Mark, Do you have further info about the range extender? What output sized engine are you looking at? What size generator? Will these be off the shelf components? Cheers. Tom
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    A meet up sounds great. I vote near someone who has a project as I'd love to try and get SWMBO onboard with some sort of project. And Cheapy - I'd be a southsider by choice but SWMBO makes more money than I do rightnow so....
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    Northside, but only by a hop skip and a jump
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    G'day Alan, thanks for the reply, I'm also on the other forum when I get to it. Tom P.S. If you ever need a hand with your project, I'd be more than willing. I'm not especially skilled, but can lift heavy things.
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    G'day all, Tom from Brisvegas. Just lurking here and learning. Have CPL(H) and PPL(A) but haven't flown much since gaining them in 2009. Hoping to upgrade PPL To CPL and find some flying work. As for music, let's be honest, there is some real crap being made by Aussies, but if you like...
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    Cheap air racing class to promote aviation?

    G'day neobro et al, Useable - for me would be 1 hour endurance with reasonable comfort, and if were something i'd buy or build right now it'd have to have a second seat. Interesting - again for me would be more than 1 aircraft in the air at one time - so a head to head course like I described...
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    Cheap air racing class to promote aviation?

    Ive just finished reading the first 16 pages of this thread and would like to add a few thoughts. Please excuse any repetition. Please also excuse my ignorance if I'm not aware of all the facts. 1. I think the aircraft used must be useable outside of racing, as this will encourage more people...
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    Direct drive SBC

    Greetings, This has been an interesting thread to peruse and develop ideas for my (seemingly distant) future kitplane endeavour. Anyway as a new member, is there much information readily available about turbo compounding an Auto V8? I ask as I came across the idea on Paul Lamar's site Turbo...
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