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    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    Electric vehicles are here and will only increase in number in the future. Please enjoy them if you like, just don’t continue to try to convince us that they’re a better option than ICE vehicles. When I can board a 747E and fly 12,000 miles on battery power alone I will no longer need convincing.
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    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    I find it amusing when government officials tell manufacturers how clean their vehicles will be by a certain date or try to mandate new propulsion systems/technologies before they're even fully developed (or practical). Your elected officials know more about science and efficiency than you...
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    Seeing Thermals

    Sometimes the lift is so easy to find with an R/C sailplane that your neck gets tired looking up at it (after an hour). The best pilots are are the ones that fly discus (hand launch) sailplanes that can find thermals at very low altitudes. There are all kinds of clues at ground level if you...
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    The Hundred Rules of Homebuilding

    Rule #13: Measure twice, cut once.
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    Design a Electric Aircraft.

    To build an airplane powered by a 35 hp motor that would have a 1 hour range with 1/2 hr reserve would require a 52.5 kW battery that would weigh between 400-600 kg (880#-1322#) depending on the battery's makeup. EX: 746 watts = 1 hp for 1 hour. (Rnd off to 1000 watts for efficiency losses)...
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    No one can explain WHY planes fly...

    Basic understanding of "lift" was never an issue in aviation (early gliders). Refinement of the airfoil, though, has been an ongoing science that is proved in actual useage in the air over time, such as going from single surface airfoils to, say, a Clark Y airfoil. We keep trying new things...
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    The Hundred Rules of Homebuilding

    Rule 6: Join the local EAA group.
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    Can't get enough Melmoth? Watch this...

    Been a FLYING subscriber off and on since 1974 and have always enjoyed Peter Garrison's contributions most. His willingness to tackle a project as big as Melmoth with no prior education or experience in aircraft construction is just amazing. His Melmoth II looks faster with the thin wing but I...
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    I wouldn't consider their theories an exact science. For instance, you'll read that Dawkins will say things like "almost convinced, etc." Even he isn't sure of his own "theory". If he believes the universe and all it contains comes from nothing or a void, he is steering close to what the...
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    Don’t know if I’d go that far! I was just playing a game with numbers.
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    Since 6 and 9 are natural numbers and 5 and 3 are prime numbers (and only divisible by 1 or themselves), then a true statement would be 1 relates to 5 and 3 as being the only divisor or sum. So that’s what 1 would be concerning 5 and 3. 5/5=1, 5/1=5. Without 1 to be a divisor or sum, 5 and 3...
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    According to Richard Dawkins, "Everything came from nothing".
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    One would be Jimi Hendrix.
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    There’s nothing like the present.
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    This page left intentionally blank.
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    This must have been fun....

    As it should be! When all the fancy equipment fails you WILL have to resort to pilotage. I had all the electrical fail once so I know it can happen.
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    GP-5 goes down at Reno. Pilot killed

    NTSB report states that the box spar failed at the glue line, not the surrounding wood. The spar failed at the repaired scarf joint that was not repaired in accordance with AC43-13.
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    What aircraft do you guys think were designed "perfect" from the outset?

    The C-17 has never had a crash due to a design issue. One was lost near Elmendorf AF base in Alaska due to hotdogging by the captain before an air show. There were issues in development (wing spar mod) but has proved to be an extremely reliable aircraft since. I might be a bit biased after...
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    Which Wood for Plywood Ribs?

    The little extra expense of using certified aircraft grade materials buys a whole lot of piece of mind when you try the first steep turn, get caught in severe turbulence or are attempting aerobatic maneuvers. Pay now or pay later. I know, my response sounds a bit harsh, but the reality is...
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    Want to build 2 place tube and fabric

    Pietenpol is an all-wood design but there is an addendum that includes a basic steel tube truss drawing if it has to be steel. The Pietenpol can handle a variety of engines with the exception of the VW (spins too fast with too small a prop). Any 65hp to 90hp aircraft engine, Corvair, Model A...
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