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    TIG, stress relieving

    + on consistency tig in a jig? or just done on a pattern ,with clamps and blocks? the odd tube a little out of wack and the persistant rumors of "weld stress induced cracking",plus the very real ability to move steel with just heat, and straighten out a tube,(while of course bending the rest of...
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

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    1.8 oz Dacron

    Dupont. unless you mean generic polyester,then anywhere.
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    water cooled?
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    Ok that gives me a bit mote background on the why of sanding and re sanding in composite wings. I started to speculate that in wood wing construction,if the outer layer of finish was "decoupled" from the underlying structure with multiple (thin) layers of something that would flex and stretch...
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    So how do the racers keep a perfect contour on there planes, sand between races like the sailplane racers did?do?
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    Thats a start, now how does going to 10% make you feel. I'll bet all the glue you used is the best and structuraly there is little to worry about when taking it to the desert,but keeping a finnish flat might be too much to expect. Its all about speed, so a non glossy finish and be able to do a...
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    perhaps before drying his build out,radicaly, some coments on what happens to a wooden structure when it dries from 40% relitive to 10%, the 40% might be a low estimate for a basment somewhere in the fundy region where the plane has been built
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    Overheating 4130 with cut-off wheel?

    use the thinnest zip cut you can get,less heat and faster
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    leafed through it a bit and it discusses designing for "high relitive mach numbers", and the book has a lot of formulas and a section on "fan laws"
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    this book is for industrial fans from fractional hp up to thousands of hp all the math
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    the icon is clearly over priced and a disapointment but from the picture further up in the thread it can sure take a hit and still look like an airplane, realy wow,takes out trees and retaining walls and looks rebuildable,so the "exrtra" weight is doing something, also the weight exemption that...
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    18hp + Nitrous , for higher altitude

    working on a 170 cu inch motor, hoping to get a bit more power in the take off run, as the base motor is 65hp and is marginal, like my budget, got turbos, a-65 parts are reasonable. I also have become interested in smaller lighter aircraft from listening here on HBA, though my part of the world...
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    18hp + Nitrous , for higher altitude

    Very good. but.two options$$$$$$ is number one or you need to have the motor put up with you as well. and that means taking a deep breath and gett to know it and its limitations ,and if you are going to experiment,well then,you are now officialy a gear getting around it.nitrous and...
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    Could I do this aviation job?

    the coolest job in aviation,go for it
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    18hp + Nitrous , for higher altitude

    there are a lot of very small and light turbos I am playing with the same idea for a continental 170cu inch
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    Making a flexible sanding spline... need some input

    if you need bigger sheets of coarse or very coarse sand paper, the sheets that go in flat plate flooring sanders might be of interest I glue them to a flat board to use in metal work or anything else I want to flatten by hand
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    Suggestion for a new category

    put it under "tests and improvements",lots of room there,a thread will be more than adequate. there a half a dozen threads that have more posts than most of the "categories" put together. a rule to close underperforming categories ,freeing up screen real estate for what people are actualy...
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    I dont understand pictures or math please do you mean that the CR system automaticaly adjusts to a non resonant ratio?
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