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  1. tdm3

    member project log problem

    I started a new thread, Sisler/Viking Cygnet SF2A, but not allowed to add more posts. Thanks, David
  2. tdm3

    Sisler/Viking Cygnet SF2A

    As a teenager I began flying when I was 15. Flew when I could afford it (started working at 14) soloed when I was 17. Somewhere between 15 and 17 I joined the EAA and bought plans for a Pober Pixie. In life you have to make choices. I chose to go to college, so couldn't afford to do that and...
  3. tdm3

    Thanks for the site

    I've begun my first project after about 35 years of thinking. Building my work tables currently and planning to do some work on my shop if the rain holds off after one of the wettest years in recorded history for our area. Hope to garner lots of usable info from what is already posted here and...
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