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  1. Tench745

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    In the last video Peter had his phone on the panel; I believe I have the same app, and it only reads in MPH. Likewise his overlay on the footage calls out MPH. And, alhough it's a bit hard to see in a small video, the airspeed indicator flags his airspeed as "kts" and was reading something...
  2. Tench745

    Adjustable rudder pedals?

    I saw a rather "clever" solution to adjustable rudder pedals in a Link Trainer. They have the rudder pedals for tallish pilots, and a second set that folds up and clips to the control cables for shorter pilots. I have a picture here somewhere, hang on. -rummages around- Yeah, here it is. The...
  3. Tench745

    Economical Canopy Covers

    Look, a topic I know a little something about! A friend and I do canvas work for boats and the occasional upholstery job. We use Sunbrella canvas because it is water-resistant (not quite waterproof) UV stabilized, and the industry standard. You want to be sure to use UV stabilized Polyester...
  4. Tench745

    Ragwing RW1 Ultra Piet

    I'm curious about the "All parts beyond this point are not airworthy" notation on the floor. What's the story with that?
  5. Tench745

    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I decided to compile a short list of features from the website that are not on the aircraft. These are only the ones I've seen so far. -Carbon fiber engine mount instead of steel tube -Automatic deicing/engine cooling in wing skins -All pushrod controls in the wings instead of cables -Internal...
  6. Tench745

    The Sasquatch Flying Club

    My dad and I are both 6'2 with size 15 feet, both under 200. We went to visit Bill Woods and sit in a bunch of Aces. We just managed to cram ourselves into a Jr Ace. Couldn't fit in one Baby, did okay in another. It seems that people (short people) love extending the panel DOWN past the...
  7. Tench745

    While we're getting bored with Raptor, here's a new one to critique...

    Looks a lot like what the Defender would be if it flew.
  8. Tench745

    First attempt at design for electric delta pusher

    I'm no engineer or anything, but 70KG sounds extremely light for a man-carrying aircraft. Particularly one that will be fully-skinned. Curious to see where this goes, though.
  9. Tench745


    Interesting view from the cockpit. There are two springs, one either side of the cockpit, stretched around something. What are they? They look like they might be spar-retaining pins?
  10. Tench745

    Cheap aircraft are simply impossible? :(

    A bit of advice I've heard and read from multiple sources: Don't build an airplane because you want an airplane, there are cheaper and faster ways to get in the air. Build an airplane because you want to build an airplane. I don't know if that's true for everyone, but I'm definitely someone who...
  11. Tench745

    Provocative Places to Unfold My Wings

    I'll bet if you found a classic car type "cruise-in" there would be some people there very interested in a little airplane you can trailer around. I attended Sun-N-Fun for the first time this year and I can see why one might not want to be there. There is a lot to take in and it can be a real...
  12. Tench745

    Cheap aircraft are simply impossible? :(

    I thought it was interesting, I was reading an article from Flying magazine earlier today. I'm not certain the age of the article as I found it in an archive online, but it was saying that in the 60's a homebuilt aircraft took an average of 3000hrs to build and cost an average of $10,000 to...
  13. Tench745

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Just breaking edges and sanding gussets flush and on wing ribs today. But, progress is progress.
  14. Tench745

    Cheap aircraft are simply impossible? :(

    I felt I had to add my 2cents. I apologize for the likely rambling nature of the following. I am not a yet pilot or even training to become one. I like to build things and right now that thing is a Corben Jr Ace. Someday I hope to get my private, but finances don't allow that right now; one...
  15. Tench745

    Mike makes parts

    Edited doesn't have to mean produced. Cuting together for content, for time, for understandability, etc is always a good idea that makes things more pleasant. Music, fades, wipes, fast cuts, hype, etc etc much less necessary. A short intro rarely goes amiss, but when people try updating the...
  16. Tench745

    Cantilever parasol wings?

    Full flying rudder perhaps? Or maybe just a misunderstanding of scalability?
  17. Tench745

    Replica home builts

    Skyotes are apparently a pretty complex little ship. My dad just joined the EAA chapter down in Rock Hill and one of their members has one. I know little about it except that it is gorgeous... and there's a spare welded fuselage in the hangar.
  18. Tench745

    Replica home builts

    You could build something sporty and weird like the Chester Goon, or Jeep. Or relatively unknown, like the Curtiss Fledgling. (I think we're all assuming you want to build rag-and-tube.) How about a Caproni Stipa? or DFW T-28 Floh? Weird things.
  19. Tench745

    Marking steel fittings.

    Thank you, that was a particularly experience-filled response. I did clamp and work my fittings together, so theoretically they are identical. Still, I chose a specific fitting for each location to match-drill holes in my spars, so the port spar attach holes are drilled to match the two straps I...
  20. Tench745

    Marking steel fittings.

    I asked about this over on Facebook and on the EAA forums, but got very few responses. It seems to me this might be the place for opinions and experience. I have made up nearly all the fittings for the wings on my Corben Jr Ace (Baby Ace model E). I am looking specifically at ways of marking...
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