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    How to prevent my torch from popping...

    Yep what the Wizzard said,low ecet pressure can be a cause. When I was an apprentice we were taught when using a heating torch to turn the ecet on full then ajust with the oxy otherwise it would make a big pop and go out or burn back down the torch to the handpiece.A moment of high anal pucker I...
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    Practice Welding Jig

    Hi,great thread. As an old welder ,I have to agree with the scrapper.Practice as much as you can,and not only the pool manipulation both also getting the hand position right as you proceed around the weld. I haven't picked up a handpiece for a couple of years so a few hours of practice would...
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    Work rules / practices

    Quick tip how to make note pads. Recycle office paper,make a stack and screw two strips of ply across the middle and cut across with radial arm and end up with two pads.
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    Work rules / practices

    I have not got to the aeroplane construction bit yet but have built a lot of experimental machines,usually agricultural, and there is one thing I stand by,if you are having a problem with something then just walk away. For ten minutes or an hour or even over night,the ideas come easily with...
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    Is this riveting ok?

    Swarf is the world wide term for us machinists.cheers
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    Wanted Lincoln Sport Bi-Plane Plans the one you want is here Cheers
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    The Economics of the Airplane Hobby

    I suspect aviation is bit like farming. Here in Oz there is that old gag about an old farmer who won money in the lotto and when asked what intended to do with the money,his reply was,"keep farming till the money runs out".I would say a home build in the shed could go there.
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    stick welding?

    It is an art but just do more and in unusual positions and you will improve. As an old welder all I will say is practice more. Cheers Rosco
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    More F-35 troubles

    Yes ,the f111 was designed for Australia with its long distance low level point to point mission capability at speed. The were much loved by those who flew them but yes they did get old.We all hope the F35 will work but don't know what for.
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    More F-35 troubles

    We here in Australia spent 40 years to get the F111 just how we like it and then they are scrapped and we have bought the F35,another 40 years to get the bugs out. Oh well get the wallet out.
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    stick welding?

    Gday mate,practice is the key but remember practice makes permanent so get good instruction and go hard and the welds become an ahh moment.from an old welder Rosco
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    Getting Rusty Parts and Engines Apart

    Gday Cobber ,I had a thought,perhaps you can fill the cylinder with oil ,put a fitting in the spark plug hole and use a hand operated hydraulic jack pump if you know what I mean. Just a thought Cheers Ross
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    How to do flush rivets economically?

    Jay ,go to google and type in; How it works WW11 flush riveting(1942) on youtube It is a very descriptive video,I would give you a direct link but being an idiot when it comes to computers,well you know . Cheers Ross
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    For Sale Plans for sale

    Gday Mate I have PMed you about the Wag aero plans Cheers Ross
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie....

    Perth Here,still just lurking around though I am doing a bit of whirly birding for fun. Cheers Ross
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    Indiana Jones, your new plane is ready ....

    Isn't the CG at the rotor shaft position. How can it be anywhere else? Cheers Ross
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    Goodyear Corsair FG-1D

    Always loved this aeroplane since I first saw the Black Sheep series on tv as a young bloke.
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    Welding Clusters

    Gday ,just thought I would jump in here and say that it is a case of lots of practice.A mention of a exhaust place was made earlier,get offcuts and practice moving the pool (puddle).learn to make a join without putting wire in,this teaches pool control.practice down hill and up hill.keep moving...
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    TIG Welding 4130

    Gday cobber,I seem to remember useing metho to clean the linseed off but since you my be welding the tube perhaps a little experimental work to see what works .I know gun oil will soften it as it is an oil. Cheers Ross
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    Vickers-Armstrong Spitfire FR XIVe

    Of course the clipped wing was an attempt to improve the roll rate but while it sort of worked it also increased the approach speed and, imho, made the aircraft look wrong ,not ugly,but ? Cheers Ross
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