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    Fastener Orientation

    T.F. - Thanks for the updated reference.
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    Workshop Overhead Chainfall?

    I have reached the age and physical condition where lifting heavy/awkward things has become a bit "iffy", so I'm thinking of installing a traversing chainfall in the overhead of my workshop. The shop is 11' x 24' with the usual roof trusswork overhead. Or am I over-thinking the problem...
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    Fastener Orientation

    The FAA has cancelled AC65-9A. What would you recommend as a substitute reference for a homebuilder? I tend to shy away from officially cancelled pubs.
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    Fastener Orientation

    Thanks for the replies. Now I don't feel so bad not being able to find something that doesn't exist. ;-)
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    Fastener Orientation

    New Guy here. I've heard people talk about a rule of thumb that bolt heads are to be on the forward or upper side of a bolted connection, but I cannot find anything in AC43.13 about that. Also, I'm having trouble with the logic of such a rule if the builder ensures a proper torque on the...
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    Understanding Induced Drag

    Cdi = 0.202*(L/(rho*S))^2*(1/V^4) is the key. I was trying to figure out the induced drag for a steady state condition. And in that case, as everyone is taught in ground school Lift = Weight, and in the equation for Di, Cl is not a constant. So, I should insert the plane's weight into the...
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    Understanding Induced Drag

    I'm trying to understand the drag and thrust curves of the plane I'm building. Profile/form drag - no problem. My sticking point right now is induced drag. All of the graphics on the topic show induced drag decreasing rapidly with increasing speed. But the equations I find on the subject, as...
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    Minimax 1030 build

    Please tell me more about your workbench; it appears to be a variant on the EAA 1000 design. How long? How wide? It looks to have a long piece of aluminum flat bar attached to the top. ?? Alan
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    Minimax 1030 build

    When I tried to register, I kept getting an error message that says registration is closed due to a spam problem. How do I contact the admin to get around this problem? Alan
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    Waiex versus Sonex Tail Design?

    V-tail: I understand how a pure pitch angle is generated (both moveable surfaces go either up or down). And, I built a ship with dual canted rudders, so I understand how differential lift can create a yaw moment. How does the mixer simultaneous generate pitch and yaw moment?
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Has anyone actually reported on the reason the fuel was dumped? Pilot error? Bogus instrument indication? To prevent the plane from crashing? Alan
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    Batteries made with sulfur could be cheaper, greener and hold more energy

    You could always surround the propulsion ring with an outer ring of black holes. Though, that might drive down property values around the airport..... Alan
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    Lazy bee derived LAR design

    My memory is that the WWII era Grumman’s used a skewed rotation to effect the need to fold the wings. The designer discovered it by playing with a paper clip and a rubber eraser. Alan
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    Printing Plans

    I used Staples to make an additional/sacrificial set of 24”x36” plans for my Thatcher CX5. Double checking against the originals, I got no measurable distortion or shrinkage. YMMV.
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Sorry. iPads are a pain to type on. “on lard” = “onboard” Alan
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    I designed, built, and repaired ships for a living. Airplanes or ships, the principles of responsibility are the same. One of my commanding officers said his standard was that if you didn’t see and touch the problem yourself, you didn’t know what you were talking about. I would also point out...
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    Flush Pulled Rivets and Polished Aluminum

    I apologize if I’ve presumed a problem that doesn’t actually developed in real life. I’m waiting for our house to be built so this winter is the “trying to think thru a bucket of possible problems before I begin construction” phase of the project. I was remembering that whenever I’ve failed...
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    Flush Pulled Rivets and Polished Aluminum

    I am in the planning stages of building a Thatcher CX5, to be finished "in the bright" as it were. The design calls for pulled rivets and I really like the look of dimpled rivets, which would also be more compatible with the act of polishing the sheet aluminum than would a simpler set of...
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    If I may be so bold..... a prohibition on flying over congested areas does not, in itself, stop stupid and/or ignorant behavior. Some years back while approaching a non-towered field for touch-and-go practice, I discovered a small pusher UL doing figure eight turns about 50 feet over the...
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    Hello From VA/GA

    That’s what I thought I remembered, but didn’t quite want to state it as fact.
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