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    electronic ignition? magneto retrofit?

    The primary ( and secondary) current reverses with each firing. Here is a good video of what is happening inside. The need to switch "A/C" current creates the problem for designers. Surefly is battery powered. Pmag uses a stepper motor as a generator.
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    100LL Ban - Not the story you expect

    " neat regular is 83-84." You are correct, but the name for this product is CBOB Conventional Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending. The Gasoline BOBs – CBOB and RBOB (and CARBOB)
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    Non- Biased Engine Reviews -Viking

    Dual fuel is a great idea, esp. if two separate controllers are used. GDI engines make soot, like diesels. This soot is flying around in the cylinder, and some of it is drawn into the intake manifold especially during the overlap period. A light film of oil from the breather is just what is...
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    Ignition help needed

    If it sparks turning by hand, I would say the mag is in good condition. I think the rotor is indexed wrong. When you installed it, I assume you used the pin, in the appropriate hole? L/R/X This corresponds to the magneto label for rotation. X is for LASAR.
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    UN hails end of poisonous leaded gas use in cars worldwide

    @ WKTaylor "NOTE2. My new cars will run with up to 15% alcohol... but 20% would likely cause engine/accessory/sensor damage." Not true, at all. If the car is designed for 10% nothing will be damaged. In fact I run my car on E85 to E0 and many other ratios. It is happiest around 40% but is...