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    3D printed intake manifold for LS3

    I was hoping the article gave more info on the 3D printing. I've been researching aluminum casting to make a couple small intakes for a 912, but I'd sure rather print them. I don't think that's something you can realistically do yet though. The one the made only had to last a few minutes.
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    Kolb Firefly

    This is REALLY great info! It's difficult to get actual weights for complete aircraft for obvious reasons. I feel pretty confident that the original FireFly probably made weight, but I'd bet not too many after that did. How about the Ultrastar? I've always thought those would make weight...
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    Kolb Firefly

    I was thinking Oretex fabric would be a good, but expensive way to save weight.
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    Kolb Firefly

    I've often wondered how many "ultralights" are actually under 254 lbs. I do plan to have a legal UL some day, and the Firefly seems like one of the best options if it can realistically be kept below the max weight. I have considered the Ultrastar, which is supposed to be lighter, though I've...
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    Aeromarine Truelite / Aviad MG21

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the coolest thing ever? I'm a sucker for folding wings and trailerable designs. It also appears to easily meet the weight limit. I don't know anything about that engine, and of course wish they'd offer plans, or a...
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    Parts Wanted Kolb ultrastar plans

    Has anyone been able to confirm if Kolb will still sell the Ultrastar plans? It seems like such an easy task that they'd still sell them if they're in business. If they decide to ultimately discontinue the Kolb aircraft, it would be nice if they released complete plans for the other models.
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    Less than $1K TIG welder recommendations

    LOL! You certainly don't want this to be too easy :-)
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    Less than $1K TIG welder recommendations

    That looks like a good unit. I opted for two 80 cf tanks, mostly because they're easier to move around, and you can run one as empty as you dare, without worrying about having to stop and get the tank filled. One depressing part about buying a shiny new tank is that it's often inconvenient...
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    Less than $1K TIG welder recommendations

    My bottles are 80 cf, and I had one filled for $44 just a couple weeks ago.
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    Less than $1K TIG welder recommendations

    I have a note from when I did the cores, but it doesn't mention the settings. It does mention using heat sink paste around the weld to keep from melting the oven brazing on the core tubes. I also mentioned stopping every 20-30 seconds to let it cool. The paste I used was Brownell's Heat Stop...
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    Less than $1K TIG welder recommendations

    Hi Finn, I don't remember anything about the settings for welding those evap cores. Seems like 50 years ago. I had a nice Miller machine at the time, but sold it long ago. I've had the AHP AlphaTIG 200 for 7 years now, and haven't had any issues with it, though of course it doesn't get much...
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    EAA flight advisor program?

    I think it will all depend on the people involve, their experience, and the aircraft in question. My situation won't be relevant to anyone else. The best answer will be to contact a local flight advisor and discuss it with them. Rusty
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    EAA flight advisor program?

    It all worked out fine, and it satisfied Avemco's requirements. It was definitely the best option I had at the time. Rusty
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    Experimental Pilots, How do you handle insurance? (Especially for non-certified engines)

    When I was looking for liability insurance for a Sonex Onex, every company wanted some number of hours of time in type before they'd cover it. I didn't have any reasonable options for dual time, but Avemco also offered the option of completing the EAA flight advisor review instead of the actual...
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    Aixro XP40 engine ?

    Neat little engine! Being a rotary engine nut, I'm surprised I never heard of it before. Some day when I need a true ultralight, I could see using one of those for sure. Rusty
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    Parts Wanted Deleted

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    fuel injection options for Rotax 912?

    Greetings, Obviously Rotax has a factory injected version of the 9 series engines now, but if you wanted to add fuel injection to an older 912, what are the options? I know SDS and Edge both make kits, but I believe they're prohibitively expensive for my budget. Aside from rolling your own...
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    Airplane For Sale FB market place ad- unknown aircraft FS

    LOL! Thanks for posting all the pics. I'm thinking this is one of those projects that was best unfinished. Rusty
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    Airplane For Sale FB market place ad- unknown aircraft FS

    This is NOT my ad. I just happened to see it today. What the heck is this? Some sort of flying wing it appears. Probably have to have a FB account to view it. Rusty
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    ADS-B and Part 103

    I'm assuming that 110,000 number is for ADS-B "out", not neccessarily "in". Can you make any guesstimate of what percentage have ADS-B in? I'm still trying to determine if adding ADS-B out would actually make me that much more visible in rural airspace. Thanks, Rusty