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    1/3rd scale Cessna 152 rc

    0.5mm = 01968498. You can get 0.020 Aircraft grade aluminum from Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, or many other suppliers. Fred
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    Need 3D CAD Help with UL seaplane hull bulkheads

    'improvements' would be getting into the realm of a "Perkins HydroPlum" as it would not be per the plans. Fred
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    After all these years, I have no idea if that could possibly be the same one. Fred
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    Either 1980 or 1981 while living in Flagsaff, Az. An older friend built one and flew it. I did help taxi test it some, but didnot fly it. I left there in 1983 so have no thoughts as to it's long term outcome. Fred
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    Clear Hatch Sealing Tape

    You might look at 'sail tape' used for quick repairs of torn or damaged sailboat sails. Fred
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    New Dormoy Bathtub (Kimbrel) pictures

    If I still lived in Globe, Az. this would be very tempting. Fred
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    C 150 usefull load?

    Took my flight training at the airport in Flagstaff, Arizona (elevation 7000 Ft) many years ago. Density Altitude was a hard rule and has never left me, is always in the thought process. Remain in ground effect as long as possible to build up airspeed to use as tradeoff for altitude is a very...
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    MOGAS Transportation, Handling, and Storage

    Back in the mid 80s thru early 90s I used MOGAS in my planes at airports where fuel was severely limited. Simple setup - a 20 ft length of 10 gauge wire with good clips on the ends to ensure grounding, 35 gallon drums in the back of my pickup, and used an electric pump available from an auto...
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    Cri Cri airplane

    Back in 82 or 83 at the Kerrville, Tx airplane gathering, they had a Cri-Cri doing demonstrations. Amazing for such a small package & quite a project if one is to build to completion. With your other thread (Horten) it seems you are committing for the long term on these projects. Good luck to...
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    Another one you might check on from the same era is the "Monofly". Generally the same type as PDQ, slightly different construction. Fred
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    What are some really good plans-built 4-seaters to build?

    I would agree with the thought to purchase an older 172 or PA28, my personal preference would be the Cherokee as scrapper has mentioned. It will be hard to allot time to 2 projects at once and you can maintain proficiency with the flying machine during the building of the other project. Fred
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    Wittman v-witt flying experience

    Slightly different operating parameters, but many years ago I owned a Stitts Playmate which has no flaps. Glide control is easier to accomplish with slips than flaps and somewhat less complicated to think about while in the critical timeframe of final. Fred
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    Turbo Pipe Coupling Popped Off And HP Dropped Considerably

    Fully agree with this entire post. Many years ago I had the same thing happen on a Diesel truck and it seemed that about 2/3 of the HP instantly disappeared. On inspection, the turbo had turned excessive RPMs and the bearings had to be replaced in a rebuild. The T type clamps are the only way...
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    RSA Fuel Injection System Training Manual.

    You can go to their website and find their manuals you can read or download. Fred
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    Looking for Brake System

    Yep, at one time I owned an early Bonanza with those brakes and to put it bluntly, they were a pain in the a**. Fred
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    Printable templates for tubes, circles, etc.

    WOW. There is so much on that home page that could come in handy. Thanks for finding & posting it. Fred
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    Fans of the Davis DA-2...

    A previous post mentioned some sort of mod to the plan to accomodate a bubble top. If one does a search for "lifting body aircraft", you can see how Leeon managed to get by with the amount of wing that he designed. The fuselage of Leeon's creation looks like a large airfoil. I believe any...
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    Fans of the Davis DA-2...

    If I still lived in Globe, Az I would already be on the way over to pick it up. Fred
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    Sheet aluminum storage?

    I have stored sheets for up to 20 years flat on shelves. with only the paper interleaving and have only seen corrosion starting at some of the edges where it apparently got a bit damp. As has been mentioned, keep the stack covered or the dust will settle on the top. The timeframe I mentioned...
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    Log in problem

    No problem for me, normal login. I am in the Philippines. Fred