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  1. Aerowerx

    What??? No handheld radio???

    I was watching an episode of Airplane Repo, this morning. They repossessed some twin engine prop plane. It was at night. All the radios and nav equipment had been removed and they had minimal fuel. The pilot used his automotive GPS to find the next nearest airport. Then called the tower on...
  2. Aerowerx

    Aero Designs Pulsar

    I just got in my car, leaving the local Menard's big box store, when I spotted this. Of course I had to get out and talk to the guy. He was busy putting tail lights on the tail and wiring them up, and had just bought the thing. It is an Aero Desigins Pulsar. Mostly finished. It just needs a...
  3. Aerowerx

    Aerial Spraying: What AGL?

    The state is doing their aerial spraying in my area for Gypsy Moths. A few minutes ago one (the plane, not the moth:)) flew directly overhead. Anyone know what altitude they fly at? Oh, how I love the sound of that engine!
  4. Aerowerx

    Magnum Flies a c172

    Just saw an old Magnum PI program. He and another guy, in a middle of a fire fight with the bad guys, jump in a c172 and take off. Their original destination was Mexico from Hawaii. (and the backseat was a gas tank) The other guy passes out from being shot by the bad guys so Magnum has to...
  5. Aerowerx

    Tailless Taildragger?????

    Just a thought. Not really serious about it. I was just watching a youtube video of a Kolb on takeoff and landing. It is a high wing pusher. That got me thinking. Other than assuring sufficient prop clearance, what would be the problems with a flying wing with a trial dragger arrangement. I...
  6. Aerowerx


    What happened to the Avatars? Is it me or are others also not seeing them. And while I am at it, what happened to the Technical Difficulty forum?
  7. Aerowerx

    Any one else watching the SpaceX launch?

    A little over 1 hour till launch as I type this. For those who aren't aware, this is the first manned flight by SpaceX, although they have done unmanned launches. The launch vehicle lands itself and can be refurbished in a matter of days. They would eventually like to get the capability of...
  8. Aerowerx


    The other day I was watching the 1954 SciFi movie "This Island Earth", complete with bug-eyed monsters. There was several aircraft in the film, including a T-33A and some DC-3/C-47. Also a high wing fabric covered tail drager, conveniently parked so the hero and heroine could escape from the...
  9. Aerowerx


    I was just watching the PBS program "History Detectives". There is a team of researchers that investigate interesting artifacts for the owners. In this episode a gentleman in Texas has a wood propeller with metal hub. (Link is to a transcript of the program) The hub has US Navy markings. The...
  10. Aerowerx

    Morphing Wing Technology

    There had been some wishful thinking on this idea in previous threads. It turns out that the idea is being worked on by NASA in cooperation with MIT, and is farther along than I first thought. I just came across a news release and a research paper, both from MIT that describes how it works...
  11. Aerowerx

    Indiana Jones and the Super Range DC-3

    Since there is not much else to watch on cable TV right now, I am watching Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. In one scene Indy and Dr.Marcus fly from the USA to Venice Italy. One leg of the trip is from Newfoundland to the Azores. That got me wondering, so looked things up. Newfoundland to...
  12. Aerowerx

    The dangers of cheap plywood

    Although not aviation, here is a good example of what can happen if you use cheap plywood. This is the top of my computer desk. Homemade about 35 years ago. It is 3/4 inch oak veneer plywood from a big box store. Yes, it is 3/4 inch thick, but imagine this happening on your wing D-tube...
  13. Aerowerx

    (Not an ad) TakeFlightOhio

    Check out their website! My brother got me this for my birthday. We did their Adventure Flight, which is about 50 minutes.:D It is a full b737 Max cockpit simulator, except no motion. There are only 2 such things privately owned in the country. We flew from RPUY to RPLL in the Philippines...
  14. Aerowerx

    Malicious Site Blocked???

    This started happening in just the last few days. I would click on one of the links in the eBay Today thread, look at the add, an then hit the "X" to close that window. Then I get a red warning from Norton, saying "Malicious Site Blocked, etc, etc." Hit the back arrow, and it goes back to HBA...
  15. Aerowerx

    (Slightly off topic) Teflon and Aluminum

    The application I have in mind is not aviation related, but my question is applicable. How would PTFE (Teflon) and aluminum (6061-T6) work together as a bearing surface? It has the lowest coefficient of friction of any plastic, IIRC, but it is hard to find information on how well it works with...
  16. Aerowerx

    Shipping Costs

    Put this here because it is not directly aviation related. I was pricing out some aluminum tubing on for a nonaviation project. The cost of the aluminum was about $638. Not bad, really. To get an idea of the shipping costs they want you to put everything in the shopping cart...
  17. Aerowerx


    ;)There have been a number of recent threads that have started out good, but then degenerated into nonsense. So I thought I would start a thread on nothing and see if it turns into something useful.;)
  18. Aerowerx

    FEA on an extruded aluminum angle?

    My application is actually off topic, but my question is general enough that I thought I would post it here. I was trying to model an aluminum truss structure using "L" 6061 extrusions, with the force from a 90 mph wind. There was a warning about "twist-bending coupling not being modeled...
  19. Aerowerx

    3-Axis "Trike"?

    Something I have been wondering about. Traditionally a "Trike" is considered a weight shift flying wing design. Like this... Why not build something that looks like this, except with 3-axis control? I'm talking about the basic layout, with rigid fabric covered or aluminum covered wing...
  20. Aerowerx

    "Click Bait" here on HBA???

    I have never scrolled all the way down to the bottom of a thread screen, until now. There is "click bait" down there!:eek: I thought we were immune from that!