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    Traveling with a twin engine 2 stroke airplane?

    I am curious what the responses would be if a new cheaper design came out utilizing small twin 2 strokes....yea or nay?
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    A mockup Vickers machine gun in slo mo

    Too bad they didn't make a flat prop so it could be spun at the correct rpm. They also have a video of a WWII M4 tank firing shells and you can follow the projectile/shockwave down the range. Their channel is very cool and a huge time waster! You've been warned!
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    Sonerai going home to J.M.

    Just thought I would get everyone caught up to the fact that the Sonerai brand is going back to John Monnett.
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    Airsickness aids?

    So my wife got her first ride in a small plane, a Cherokee 180, last week and after takeoff and cruising she exclaimed "I love it!". So I'm thinking that I just hit the GA lottery until we started circling our house waving to the kids and she got that familiar sick feeling she often gets in a...
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    New engine idea....maybe?

    So I've been thinking about the engine situation so many of us have concerning airplanes. I've had this idea in my head for about a year and I still need tear down my son's GY6 engine from his go kart he replaced to weight the actual pieces. This may have been proposed/built before but here is...
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    An attic beam any armchair engineer would love

    This post isn't about airplanes but it does show what can be done and the problems that can be solved with a little math and ingenuity. Just like we do with airplane structures especially spars. I'm a General Contractor and have a customer who's house my son and I are renovating. It's in pretty...
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    Simple lightweight muffler

    So we got the muffler built for my son's go kart with a Predator 212 and it works pretty well. I know this isn't an airplane but it will carry over and since this was being discussed on another thread I thought I would start a new thread rather than take away from that thread. I took some...
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    A YouTube Goldmine.....

    I happened to find this in YouTube: :roll: