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    Lycoming O-320 H2AD

    I have taken to blowing moisture out of my O-360 after shutdown with an air-mattress pump. It only takes a minute and lots of oil mist and water vapor comes out of the breather. I recently had a look at my cam and the lobes looked perfect (at 780 hours). It seems to me that moisture left in...
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    How to lock a manual retractable landing gear into a given position?

    The Rutan canard family generally used a screw and gear arrangement to position a nose-gear retract arm over-center. You can find the plans in the Open-EZ topic on It was a reliable, simple system but only retracted the nose gear. The BD-5 used springs, cables and the momentum...
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    Rotec TBI problems

    You might be able to revive the Ellison I have also seen problems when the airflow into the TBI seemed to be turbulent. I made a...
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    Parts For Sale FREE BD-5 kit if you pick it up TODAY 9-1-2022 SF Bay

    Ha! No, you would have a money pit. A prop BD-5 is an accident looking for a pilot to injure. A jet BD-5 is better but still a $100K toy that only makes sense if you have a turbine rating and the skill to fly airshows.
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    Insurance for student pilot on experimental aircraft

    Well is sounds good to say "everyone should have liability insurance" but do the numbers support it? I've been flying my EAB for 22 years and never had a claim on my liability insurance. I am sure most of us have never had a claim on our liability insurance. The insurance is a protection...
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    Parts For Sale FREE BD-5 kit if you pick it up TODAY 9-1-2022 SF Bay

    A free BD-5 is like a free Cessna 310 with no engines, no avionics and flat tires that has been sitting in the grass or 20 years.
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    Another nail in the coffin...?

    OTOH, I think some folks may be getting out of aviation due to the costs of gas, hangar and insurance, and selling out at good prices. This Cozy on Barnstormers today, a recent completion. High time engine but I doubt you can build one for the asking price. My thread on the canard sales...
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    Song inspired by airplane crash

    Not a crash but I always found the theme from "The High and The Mighty" to be quite memorable. A great aviation movie based on the Ernest K. Gann novel. It always chokes me up when the Duke nurses that DC-4 into San Fran with the theme in the background.
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    Insurance for student pilot on experimental aircraft

    The whole aircraft insurance situation just sucks. We are collectively paying multi-millions of dollars not just to insure our ourseleves but to insure airport administrators and municipalities that imagine THEY will get sued in connection to something WE did. How often does that happen...
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    Order form seems to work: 0472 / VW Aircraft Baffling Manual & Template
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    Box and Pan Brake

    I like to use bending dies that are pieces of bar or flat stock with rod of the appropriate diameter welded to the bar. Not too many are needed but various lengths are handy. For a 1/8"" radius, weld a 1/4" rod to 1/4" flat stock and use it for a die. Weld them a bit at a time so they don't...
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    Long EZ wing design / construction

    OT but I will put in a pitch for the free Open-EZ plans and builder's manual available in the "Open-ez" topic at
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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    First airplane: Eastern Airlines 727 on the way to Lackland AFB to become a 2nd Lt and pilot (If I could hack UPT). :) We washed out 50% of my UPT class before graduation. Toughest part for me: T-41s (CE 172). "Roller, roller nut and bolt secure. Hinge pin, two cotter keys, actuating arm...
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    Is there any grants or funding out there to help builders fund there airplane build?

    Yes, there is money given away for free. A Cozy tub, plans and complete canard just sold on Ebay for $510. The plans alone are $500. Cozy MK 4 project. Always kept indoors | eBay This one has finally sold, I think for $5K or less: Sales I've seen Yeah they are not _your_ design but...
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    Ferrying an EAB that has current airworthiness documentation and out of phase 1

    Wrong airplane at the wrong time. Neither of you can train in a single-place airplane. Her instructor might not sign her off for solo in an airplane where he cannot fly with her and anyway, the solo hours are minimal and do not train her for a checkride in a 2-place trainer. Waste of money, I...
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    Getting old and depressed...

    Learning to fly and acquiring an airplane are big hurdles. There are people who would welcome a friend to fly with who would share expenses with them. Put up a note at nearby airports, ask around at the EAA chapters. That seems a better option for you. "According to the FAA, §61.113(c)...
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    Once again with the FAA...

    The existence of a trust is likely not the problem. Property intended to be placed in a trust has to be retitled in the name of the trustee. If the FAA registry does not show the aircraft was registered to "[owner] Trustee" (as I recall they also want a copy of the trust) then as far as the...
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    Airplane For Sale SOLD - Cozy Mark IV Project for sale, SD, $6500 OBO

    We catch a lot of these sales here. Not sure if this one is on it though.
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    Sharing My 3D Printed Grip With PTT Switch Design

    Really like your black version. Could you post a 2-view drawing (side, side)? I will try to make one out of that ancient noble material, hardwood. I think you could sell these, though. I need one with the upper knob offset (left) for a right-seat Cozy. The current knob would likely hit the...
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    How to 'buy and fly' cheap in 2022?

    As you gain confidence in your ability to operate and maintain an EAB, you will worry less about hull insurance. I would not have liability either except that my airport demands it. Even if you buy an EAB vs. build one, you will become more aware of how it runs and how to diagnose problems...