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  1. Red Jensen

    Impulse IF-1

    Hey all, Long time lurker. I don't post much but I love this place! I thought I would introduce you to my project. It is my dream to race F-1, this is my effort. I've been at it for a few years, but just now to the point of sharing. I'm currently building tooling, I hope to be building real...
  2. Red Jensen

    Automatic control hookups

    Hey All, I've seen references to these and I confess to being at a loss as to how they work, I've never seen them in person. I'm curious to learn more about them. Can you point me to pics/video/drawings to satisfy my curiosity? Cheers Red
  3. Red Jensen

    Increasing radius wing root fairings

    Hey All, I've been a long time lurker. I've finally joined as I need a bit of help from the knowledgeable folks here. I've really enjoyed many hours of great reading so far, so thank you for that. What I'm after is a formula more than basic rules of thumb for designing wing root fillets. I...