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    Innengine -- Spanish startup. Any info?

    Ran across this company: INNengine – INNengine They are building a new Otto cycle engine. To my uneducated eye, looks like they are actually combining multiple concepts others have explored before. Anyone have an info? Or predictions? Are they too late to market? You will notice, that they are...
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    Electric SR22 Flies!

    There is now an all electric SR22: E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m BNF Basic with Smart, AS3X and SAFE Select | Horizon Hobby It can be yours for only 300 Euros! Tim (click the link and see why I put it here :D)
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    Is HBA 503C? (Wife is an accountant, she asked) Tim
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    Biofuels and composites

    Are there any "safe" composite solutions which can work with biofuels? Specifically ethanol... (my bet is biodiesel is too hard to find an affordable diesel engine). Tim
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    G100UL Update from George Braily on BT

    George asked this get posted around. --------------- Update to the Power Point / Seminar on Tuesday at Sun and Fun. Recall, after a long string of previous broken commitments by FAA Senior Management as to the conclusion of the FAA's "Special Cert Review" (finished successfully on Jan 5th) and...
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    Airplane Wanted Engineering consultant

    Hello, Somehow I got involved in helping a kit company find some resources. :) They are looking for a freelance engineering consultant to design the retract landing gear for the new model. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks, Tim
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    An acquaintance mentioned that DeltaHawk has "conforming engines" and is well along the way working with the FAA. The website now has basically no information on it. Just wondering if anyone has any info or updates. Tim
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    Necro-post feature requests

    @Admin Spawned from thread: Lock 2+ year old topics I have seen on multiple other sites a warning message when necro posting. I forget which one, but it included a polite warning that comments like "I agree" are discouraged on necro posts, do you wish to continue. One other site has a minimum...
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    Engine Compression, EFFI and Efficiency

    A few questions, that my google fu is failing on. Background: I am considering buying a used E-AB plane which has traditional Conti IO-550-G. The plane comes up about 10% short in terms of reserve range for a few flights I would like to accomplish running LOP. If I change the compression from...
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    Beta Testing

    I have come across a kit builder who has a new model they would like to bring to market, design is done, and they are slowly making the models. They need a beta customer, and would offer a really good discount to be the beta customer. The plane meets or exceeds almost every metric I want...
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    Cannot find thread on new engine

    I recall a thread on a new Jet-A powered engine. I am 90% sure it was a turboprop with roughly 200HP. They had a prototype, but wanted to refactor it in a major way with a heat exchange system if I recall. I put a note in my calendar to check on the current status, but I forgot to include a...
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    Boeing and JetBlue backed Hybrid short haul passenger plane in 2022 A few details: 1. 100 Mile range on batteries 2. Uses a turboshaft engine for the generator 3. Cruises in the mid 20s 4. Initial goal is 700 mile range, and...
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    New Posts links and faster navigation

    1. It would be nice when clicking on a thread, the default behavior was to take you to the last item read in the thread. This would save a page load and click. 2. When you get to the end of a thread page, a link to "new posts" would be handy. This would save a lot of scrolling or clicking "top"...
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    A big engine Really cool history. To bad never made it to production. Tim
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    Fixed Gear drag, nose wheel versus tail wheel vs retract

    I can follow that the gear hanging out adds drag. There seems to be some debate how much drag though. Here are the tidbits I have picked up and I am trying to reconcile: Vans Aircraft: across the board, tail wheel to tricycle is only a 2 MPH penalty. Lancair Mako: retract nose gear expected to...
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    Four place electric plane Tim
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    Turbo, cooling, and canard issues

    Due to time constraints in life, my wife convinced me to buy a plane instead of building one. (Definitely a keeper, agreed to build when retired) Anyway, one of the planes I am considering purchasing is a turbo charged Velocity, my largest concern is Velocities are known for cooling issues, and...
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    Auto Conversion Market

    In terms of auto conversions, at this point lets just say, I know enough that it is currently way beyond my skill level and knowledge to convert a Chevy LS1 or Ford V6.... In my case, the cost of implementing and the time to learn everything is likely more expensive then buying a Lycoming...
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    Propeller efficiency vs hybrid... (theoretical)

    Not sure what prompted the following question in my head. Anyway, a propeller is basically an airfoil, as such the propeller tips have significant drag. Now some of the more modern designs like the "Q-Tips" are supposed to reduce the amount of drag. However, there is a practical limit to how...
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    PSRU and Constant Speed Props

    I have been peripherally been involved with an wind farm project for a grid less project. One of the very interesting tidbits was there are two ways to generate constant power: -- adjust blade angle to rotation speed is constant -- use gearing to have a constant speed at the generator and allow...