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    Tracy Crook, Martin Hollmann & other books

    All books in very good-to-excellent condition. Price includes shipping Tracy Crook - "Aviator's Guide to Mazda Rotary Conversion" 8th Edition 1998. Excellent condtion. $17 Martin Hollmann - "Modern Aircraft Design, Vol 1", 1987-88, Martin Hollmann - "Modern Aircraft Design, Vol. 2, 2nd...
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    Composite airplanes for sale

    Chaps, I have run a thread on another site about Rutan-type airplanes and projects for sale: Long-EZ, Cozys, etc. 27 pages so far! I see guys asking on various FB pages "Where can I buy one of those?" Maybe you will find one here. Check it out Sales I've seen There is great value in the...
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    FS: Strojnik set, Stinton's Design o/t Aeroplane

    For Sale: (1) Set of Professor Alex Strojnik's great books Laminar Aircraft Design, Laminar Aircraft Structures, Laminar Aircraft Technologies. Paperbacks, all in excellent condition except a few notes and markings in the Design & Structures books. Not objectionable. $75 and I will pay...
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    Little airplane, poor energy management

    It's worth discussing this recent crash that killed a low time pilot and his friend. Skip to 2:40 These familiar accidents come from not appreciating energy management (among other things). The pilot no doubt expected to start his aerobatic maneuver at say, 200'...
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    New medical: getting your doc onboard

    With all the talk about whether doctors will object to signing the new medicals, I think it's prudent to alert your doc to what is coming. My doc is pretty good but it will be a new thing for her. It can't hurt to discuss this thing in advance. (I have been on a special issuance) Here's what...
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    Bearhawk Improvements

    Don't own one, not working on one, but I like them a lot and would like to build a Patrol. They just announced improvements. From [email protected] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Helvetica] [/LIST]
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    Who will heat-treat for homebuilders?

    Anyone have a heat-treat company that will treat 2024-T0 ribs for a homebuilder without lying to them about the end-use? Yeah, I know, "ribs for a race car spoiler" might work but I would rather give my business to someone who actually wants it. -Kent
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    FS: Brock throttle assemblies

    Have two of these for sale. These are the kind used on Varieze/Long-ez and gyros. One has 105" of cable sheath + 4" of inner cable. The other is 120" +6". $33 each including U.S. shipping. PM me with an email address for info.
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    Show us your homemade canopy skills

    I need to make a new canopy for a BD-5 project and they are asking $1000 for the originals. I've bookmarked several construction ideas from the web but if you have blown a canopy yourself, or made one on a mold, post your pics and experience or pointers to them. I like the use of...