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  1. Ava

    113 years ago...

    Alberto Santos-Dumont's Demoiselle.
  2. Ava

    Thrust value and tractor propeller for a Hirth F-33

    We were playing around with a 313 cc F-33 with a 34mm Bing, slide valve, side draft carb. It is attached to a wire trussed aluminum A frame without wings. Engine RPM readings come from a "Tiny Tach," and the 59" x 10* composite two-blade is spun through a 1:2.5 belt redrive. To determine...
  3. Ava

    A § 61.31 (i) (1) (Tailwheel endorsement) question

    I am a 13 hour student pilot with a solo endorsement for an aircraft equipped with a tail skid (no wheel). My CFI-S and I were discussing the regulation and he pointed out what seemed to me to be some interesting discrepancies in the regulation. So, if I am considered to be proficient in normal...