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  1. tralika

    New member here. My uncle gave me his Mong project to finish.

    I recently had my first experience with Oratex helping a friend cover a Just Highlander. Oratex is not hard to work with, just very different than conventional ceconite. It's lighter than convention fabric and paint and since there is NO PAINTING involved it would involve less time to complete...
  2. tralika

    iPad as an engine monitoring system?

    You might consider the Grand Rapids Engine Instrument System. There are thousands of EAB planes flying with their monitors. Not fancy but you get a lot for your money. This is link to their 2 cylinder model.
  3. tralika

    another tall pilot wanna be

    If you haven't already done so, I suggest you sign up on the Zenith Forum. Forum Discussions I have a friend with a 750 and he tells me there is lots of activity there. You may be able to connect with a 750 owner in your area and get some first hand info. The Cruiser model is a little...
  4. tralika

    Land developer attempting to prohibit my UL activity, options...

    Is it really worth buying property in a subdivision with protective covenants with the expectation of starting a legal battle? The process very likely will go on for years, make some lawyers wealthy (at your expense) and alienate your neighbors. I know people that have been in similar...
  5. tralika

    DIY Tug

    If you search Youtube for DIY or homemade airplane tug you'll find lots of videos. Everything from lawnmower to electric chair conversions.
  6. tralika

    Q-200 Kit transport from VA to CA

    The Fly to VA and rent a U-Haul truck may be a good option. Right now U-Haul rentals going into CA are dirt cheap. Not so much going out of CA.
  7. tralika

    What taildraggers with retracts exist?

    A Yak or T6 will require some really deep pockets and LOTS of down time for maintenance. A Globe Swift would make more sense. Nice planes. Most have been modified in one way or another which means the purchase price can vary from $30K to $100K. There is an active owners group which is very...
  8. tralika

    runway incline

    I don't have any hard numbers for you but Slope is very important when choosing which direction to land or take off. You can tolerate quite a bit of tailwind and still use less runway when using the slope to your advantage. Most runways are built with very little or no slope so this almost...
  9. tralika

    Support for Rutan Solitaire?

    It might be worth contacting the Experimental Soaring Association as well. Home
  10. tralika

    EAA flight advisor program?

    Not all EAA chapters have Flight Advisors. You should check with the chapters in your area. The Flight Advisor program is for EAA members so you have to join. Falcon Insurance offers discounts on experimental aircraft insurance to EAA members...
  11. tralika

    Engine Out Vid

    Airplane pilots should take a lesson from Glider pilots on emergencies during take off. On every take off, a Glider pilot is trained to brief for a tow rope break. For most gliders if the break occurs below 200' AGL you land straight ahead, within 30 degrees left or right of runway heading. If...
  12. tralika

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    More video on Youtube of the Anchorage DC3 including a still photo identified as trees clipped by the plane.
  13. tralika

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    DC-3 departing Anchorage Int Airport experienced engine failure, makes emergency-gear up landing at nearby GA airport. TransNorthern plane makes emergency landing at Merrill Field, no injuries reported
  14. tralika

    Make sure you brief your passengers on what not to touch (do)

    I agree, my passenger brief goes like this, "Those are rudder pedals there on the floor. You can rest your feet on them but don't push on them". Some Cessnas, the 185, 206 & 207 had the option for Stowable rudder pedals on the right side. The rudder pedals could be moved all the way up to the...
  15. tralika

    My SE5a build is in it's 4th year!

    Very cool plane. If it were mine I wouldn't get too carried away with lights. I installed nav lights on my Just Highlander but never fly it at night. I turn on the nav lights once a year during the condition inspection. I installed wing tip strobes, landing lights with a pulse controller and a...
  16. tralika

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    C207 in flight fire and emergency landing. No injuries. I bet this was exciting!
  17. tralika

    Too many birds around your airfield? Get some pigs!

    Using pigs to discourage nesting birds is nothing new. It was used here in Alaska at Lake Hood Seaplane Base (busiest seaplane base in the world) almost 30 years ago.
  18. tralika

    What is this twin engine seaplane

    The wing struts on the DHC-2 Beaver are aft of the front doors and while it rarely happens, people have walked up the float and into the prop with easy to imagine results. But that has also happened on aircraft with the wing strut in front of the door. It's not difficult to duck under the strut...
  19. tralika

    Flight testing...

    I am another who is not a fan of "Crow Hopping". If you're going to try this I suggest you do it first in an an aircraft in which you have flown regularly and are proficient. Trying this for the first time in an unfamiliar aircraft is just asking for trouble. When I flew my homebuilt for the...
  20. tralika

    When to cut off and make new dataplate?

    You should not assume that anyone at your local FSDO will have any knowledge about Experimental Amateur Built aircraft. More than likely any question you ask will be met with a pregnant pause followed by "I'll have to get back to you". Then you should expect avoidance on their part to make any...