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  1. Max Torque

    Go-to airfoils for docile stall behavior

    Get yourself a copy of Harry Riblett's GA Airfoils and your questions will be answered. In general, the GA30A613.5 or GA35A613.5 are really good for what you described.
  2. Max Torque

    Carburetor for Corvair???

    Probably. Try looking here: carburetors | Search Results | flycorvair Lots of info links about carbs there. I recommend using a MA3 carb.
  3. Max Torque

    Carburetor for Corvair???

    William Wynne has the answers you seek. - Home of the Recognized Authority on Corvair Powered Flight and flycorvair | Just another site
  4. Max Torque

    Auto Engines Aren't Designed to Take Full Power for More Than a Few Minutes...

    I take it that, even with the additional expense, the billet crank from Panther Sport Aircraft would be the way to go for a Corvair, then? Thanks, Tom
  5. Max Torque

    Pegazair, so little known

    Wrongway John, Some info about building a Pegazair here: 3,100cc Corvair in Pegzair | flycorvair Tom
  6. Max Torque

    MAJOR - MAJOR MODS - Lengthen and Widen

    Hey Zoomzooie, The Riblett GA30A613.5 is absent cuff (hench the A versus the -) and is what Harry recommended over the cusp'd airfoil for most applications. However, on a slow speed aircraft with turbulent airfoil, cusp or no cusp is a non-factor in practical application. His book is available...
  7. Max Torque

    MAJOR - MAJOR MODS - Lengthen and Widen

    Zoomzoooie, Good decision! I learned the hard way many years ago that one will come out way ahead in time, money and less frustration to just build new vs. trying to modify. I would like to suggest that instead of adding regular flaps, you consider adding Gurney flaps - much more simple and...
  8. Max Torque

    Pegazair, so little known

    Thanks John. I've been around a couple of planes with .016" in them. .016 is sure easy to dent...
  9. Max Torque

    Silent Wings, War Gliders

    Nice. Thanks!
  10. Max Torque

    Pegazair, so little known

    I've only seen an unfinished Christavia. Seemed to be a straight forward design. Have read lots of favorable reports over the years. Aircraft Spruce sells the plans, as I recall. I still recommend the Bearhawk, though. Bob has incorporated things into a nice "composite of the whole" package with...
  11. Max Torque

    Pegazair, so little known

    John, No, sorry, but I don't remember about the top of the wings. Bob Barrows used a Riblett GA30A613.5 airfoil on the LSA which gives it the low stall speed without flaps. (He used a Riblett GA30A413.5 on the Patrol and the NACA 4412 on the Bearhawk - I would've gone with the Riblett...
  12. Max Torque

    Pegazair, so little known

    I've seen one flying example of the Pegazair and I've seen several flying Bearhawks. I think you'll be lots happier with the 4-seater Bearhawk. Bearhawk is a much more capable plane. For a two seat side-by-side, have you looked at Just Aircraft's SuperSTOL? I had a real good look at a couple of...
  13. Max Torque

    Searching for the right craft

    You'll be better served looking at a more versatile plane if you're planning to be in Alaska. My choice would be a Cessna 185 with amphibs, but good luck finding one that's reasonably priced and hasn't been worked half to death. Try the gang over at - The Home of All Things PA-18...
  14. Max Torque

    Folding wing designs? Fairchild had a nifty way of handling that on some of their early planes - think it was the FC-1 or FC-2. Basically, two vertical flat paddles/pieces of metal vertically pivoted in the middle. Each piece...
  15. Max Torque

    Pietenpol Air Camper Airfoil (Digital)

    SpainCub, You built up three wings and took them to a commercial air tunnel and they did an actual test cell run on them?...or did they just do an analysis on the airfoils or what? More info please! Thanks!
  16. Max Torque

    Help a newbie get his head around STOL engine options...

    Timstertimster, From the list you posted, you should take a hard look at the Corvair engine (done according to the flycorvair manual). They are really nice engines. Especially, the 3.0 liter (see and ). There are hundreds of Corvairs flying...
  17. Max Torque

    Belleville Washers as gear shocks

    Belleville washers work just fine for landing gear shock absorbtion - take a look at the later model Ercoupes/Aircoupes. Of course, they have to be sized properly, etc. There are reasons they got away from rubber biscuits and metal washers as used in the earlier model 'coupes...
  18. Max Torque

    Protrusion of control surface for energetic boundary layer and delayed separation

    The late Harry Riblett addressed this in his GA Airfoils book (available from the EAA and well worth the $). I talked to Harry about it a couple of times and he suggested pretty much the same thing as your first illustration for the elevators & rudder, but for the aileron, only the top should...
  19. Max Torque

    High Altitude flying in a Cessna 172

    Pops, What model of 172? My old '57 exhibited similar tendencies before I put the Sportsman STOL kit on it. After that, it was fine up to about 12.5K which is as high as I've had it. Tom
  20. Max Torque

    STOL: Zenith CH 701/750/801 vs Just Highlander/Superstol

    Yes, I want to know how an aircraft performs at max gross. The Just SuperSTOL looks like it'll do well there. Lots of info out there on both aircraft and it certainly doesn't look like the 701s/705s come out on top.... SuperSTOL - I want one!