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  1. TMann

    Vacuum Infusion Demo - 2021

    Just to let everyone know, there will not be a demo/class at Oshkosh this year. Our usual sponsors are still trying to dig out from under all of the COVID blowback. The plan is to regroup and target 2022.
  2. TMann

    Electric Remote Fuel Valve

    I'm looking for suggestions (i.e. Part#) for an electric fuel valve that I can stick in the back of my Velocity to avoid a long run of fuel lines forward and back. Andair has just introduced something that looks very promising but it's AN-6 & 28V. I would wait for a AN-8 12V if I knew it was...
  3. TMann

    Vacuum Infusion Demo - 2019

    We will be doing the Vacuum Infusion Demo again this year at Oshkosh. You can find us in the white tent next to the Replica Fighters clubhouse (which is west of the forums across Knapp St.) The picture below shows the location (oriented the same as the Airventure map.) We have a new aircraft...
  4. TMann

    Airventure Coupon Code

    Coupon Code: OSH2018 ….will save you 50% on a weekly pass.
  5. TMann

    Vacuum Infusion - Oshkosh 2018

    We'll be at Oshkosh again this year doing a demo on Vacuum Infusion Techniques. I'll post more later but I do expect that this will be more of a hands on demo as apposed to the presentations in the past. See you there.
  6. TMann

    Durand Mark V - Kit Planes

    If you happen to be a subscriber to Kit Planes, you’ll notice the Durand Mark V sporting the cover spot. Not necessarily a remarkable design by today’s standards but there is a background story. The designer, Bill Durand, was a architect going into WWII. His major contributions consisted...
  7. TMann

    Eclipse 2017 - Video

    Here’s the Video: It is raw footage so I would suggest skipping the first 4 minutes. You can see that @ 4:30 I reach into the back seat to grab my flight bag. I was trying to get a flashlight just in case I needed it. I had to dip a wing in order...
  8. TMann

    Vacuum Infusion Demo - AirVenture 2017

    We will be back at the same location for the Vacuum Infusion Demo. Right across from the forums on the west side of Knapp Street. Forum/Demo runs from Tuesday through Friday with the reveal Friday morning (i.e. removing the parts from the molds.) Map attached.
  9. TMann

    Garmin 330ES - Pirep

    NOTE: Composite Aircraft Issue. Aluminum aircraft appear to be exempt I’m following a thread on the Velocity group where a builder upgraded to the Garmin 330ES and is experiencing a rhythmic pattern where he is getting interference in his Bose headset every time the ADS-B transmitter fires...
  10. TMann

    Air Power Tour in Omaha

    How cool is this. Courtesy of the Commemorative Air Force and the guys who brought the SB2C Helldiver, I got a chance to relive a piece of my father's history last weekend.
  11. TMann

    Vacuum Bag Pump Setup (or what to do with that old compressor)

    Last November my compressor suffered a complete meltdown. I have since replaced it with a more substantial unit. I was about to haul the old one out to the dumpster when I got an Idea to convert it to a vacuum pump system. I stripped it down and set the vacuum pump where the compressor...
  12. TMann

    New Canard Design - Oshkosh 2016

    I was offered a spot on the team that is doing the Vacuum Infusion demo this year at Oshkosh. Talk about a learning opportunity!!! It will be a new canard design that should prove to be a screamer. All of the components will be fabricated onsite over the course of four days (Tues.-Fri.) This...
  13. TMann

    Machinist & Welder Availability

    Just wondering if we have any Machinist/Welders (Aluminum) on the forum that are available to make some small parts? On occasion I draft out a part in CAD to address various problems in my project and have them made but my regular guy is not available.