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    Picking a Plane

    Picking a Plane has got to be the most difficult decision in the world. Airplanes are like Motorcycles, seems like you need more than 1 to do different things in different Situation. There also seems to be a standard progression pattern in Aircraft ownership where someone to buys a Certified AC...
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    Jabiru A3300 Engine

    Can someone please share the positive aspects of selecting the Jabiru A3300 as an Aircraft power plant?
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    Non- Biased Engine Reviews -Viking

    I have been looking at the viking 130. I know a guy that bought one, but lost contact with him and dont know if he ever got his plane flying. I have been trying to find proud owners posting videos and accolades, however, all I see is posting from Viking Engines. I want to hear from customers...
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    weight and power

    How does weight and power affect an airplane in regards to choosing an engine for a homebuilt AC? Example, a Lycoming 0-320 is heavier than a Continental O-200, but has more horsepower. Assuming all conditions are the same and engineering was in place, would you gain a greater useful load out...
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    Fatal Experimental A/C accidents

    It doesn’t seem like Kit Builders are long for this world (especially if you drive an RV.) Last night I did a search on all the fatal accidents that were in experimental aircraft. Unfortunately I was reading for quite a while and only went back to June 2011. I didn’t see a way to chart my...
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    How do you buy a used engine?

    How does one go about buying a used aircraft engine? I literally know nothing about the subject except that engines are expensive to buy and maintain. I know there is something called TBO (Time Between Overhauls) and engines can only be used for so long until they need TBO ie.2000-2400hrs. I...
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    Corvair Converison Questions

    I have some questions about a Corvair conversion and I am really hoping to gain some insight as to whether this is the right engine for me. Yes, I have been to the FlyCorvair Website, I have been all over you tube and seen a few blogs on the subject. I have not spent any money buying books or...
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    Picking a Plane

    I have been looking at a lot of kits, LSA, and GA planes. Lately I have been narrowing them down to the Kitfox SuperSport with a Rotax 912 engine. I have looked at Zenith Aircraft, and also the RANS lineup as well as a host of others. Here is what (I think) I want in an airplane. 1. Safety 2...
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    Any Washington State Zenith Aircraft Builders out there?

    Hi all- I have been wondering for a long time if building a plane is something that should tackle or not. I really like the Zenith aircraft line. I was wondering if there are any local Seattle builders around that I could talk with? Please feel free to pm me. Thanks all.
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    I don’t know what I don’t know

    I don’t know what I don’t know. I do know the thought of building my own airplane really appeals to be. It would be the ultimate “do it yourself project.” –Providing you don’t impact middle earth in a torrent of hell fire. I’m not the type of person that can leave a project undone. I get...