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  1. Vision_2012

    Core & Available Corvairs on Barnstormers Where were these when I was building up my engine? :ponder:
  2. Vision_2012

    Vision EX has been signed off.

    Happy to say that my Vision EX has been signed off by the DAR. Just over 5 years and about 2000 hours. And too much $ to think about. Time to get serious about test flying, more to come. :ban:
  3. Vision_2012

    DPS Instrument oil pressure/temperature gauge

    Anyone have the spec sheet, wiring diagram or data sheet for the DPS Instruments oil pressure/temperature gauge? I know DPS was in business a short time, a long time ago but somebody might have something...? I found that I had one in my old box of instruments, but my library has no paper.
  4. Vision_2012

    Pulse Oximeter--Wicks: such a deal! --not!

    Just got an email from Wicks Aircraft. A pulse oximeter for $35! A quick google search shows Walmart selling the same mode for $17! :gig: What deals have your seen recently?
  5. Vision_2012

    Spinner screw hole layout help

    I have a RV 13" spinner and base plate. How does one layout the screw holes? I have determined the spinner circumference and divided by the number of gaps between the screws and was about to transfer this distance into a two hole drilling fixture. I am thinking of drilling the first hole...
  6. Vision_2012

    Spark Plug To Compression Testing Nipple

    Hi, I want to convert a spark plug to accept a quick disconnect nipple to do leak down compression testing. I found it very hard to remove the insides of a spark plug. The inside is too hard for my drill. Help?
  7. Vision_2012

    NASA Free Downloads -- e-Books

    NASA e-Books | NASA
  8. Vision_2012

    Marvel-Schebler Carburetor

    Is there any reason ms carbs are mounted lean/rich mixture valve foreword? My set up is normal tractor engine, but I need to minimize the stack height of air box, carb and inlet manifold. It would be easier for my project to not have the little sump in the way.
  9. Vision_2012

    Brother Label Maker or Set of labels from ACS?

    Which would one prefer: Brother Label Maker or Set of labels (like AP-1BC) from ACS? I was looking at the PT-P700 from Amazon at $47. I need to detail my instrument panel. This could also label wires. Any pros/cons? How permanent would these labels be? Thanks.
  10. Vision_2012

    Bending Fuel Probe

    Hi, forum Yesterday, I was bending my probes, fitting the fuel tank, Falcon FP-24-5 capacity sender, with a tube bender (368-FH). I had a light coating of motor oil. Applying a bit of pressure and the tube failed. Cracked. Broken. No necking, no bending. Is this my fault or should I write to...
  11. Vision_2012

    Overnight Flying Club Fees

    Flyers! My flying club president asked me to round up some examples of what people in flying clubs are charged for taking a plane out overnight. What have you been charged? Two hours flight minimum, three? Or what? Thanks.
  12. Vision_2012

    Rely on Relays

    Which to use? PREMIUM 12V 40A 5-PIN RELAY 5 WIRE SOCKET HARNESS SPDT CAR HID XENON 5 Pair Premium 12V 40A 5 Pin Relay 5 Wire Socket Harness SPDT Car HID Xenon | eBay 5 pack shown: For Master Relay, Landing Light, Electrical Flap motor, 2- spares. or Master Relay MASTER RELAY 111-226...
  13. Vision_2012

    Vacuum Bagging Help

    Can anybody direct me to method(s) of Vacuum bagging wings, ailerons, flaps, etc.? I can manage flat panels but have yet to try flying surfaces. Does one "envelope both sides" and draw a vacuum or try to fixture one surface at a time? How does one assure the vacuum doesn't bend the wing...
  14. Vision_2012

    Corviar College 24

    For any one contemplating putting their own engine together, I heartily reccommend attending the Corvair College. One gets a boost in the enthusiam and a healthy education in the do's and don't's of Corvair engine lore. This last weekend CC24 concluded with three extremely smooth running...
  15. Vision_2012

    Lyc 0235C2C Core

    No accessories, exhaust pipes & mufflers possibly from Grumman. Removed running engine May 1987 -- 889 Hrs SMOH. Serviced by flight club 100 Hr inspections -- engine log. It sat waiting for experimental project that never happened. I have no other knowledge, I offer at core price of $2000. Need...
  16. Vision_2012

    Trimble GPS

    $50 plus shipping [email protected]
  17. Vision_2012

    2 wheels, tires, brakes

    Removed from sale as I recently moved and now I cannot find one tire, one brakeset and the barings. Sorry :depressed $200 plus shipping5 inch wheels, 10 inch tire OD, bearing ID 1 [email protected]
  18. Vision_2012

    Varieze Lycoming Motor mount

    Sold -- end sale. $250 plus shipping. :ban:
  19. Vision_2012

    Pusher Prop

    58 x 63 Pusher Prop. New. $400 plus shipping SOLD