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  1. Vision_2012

    KR2S weight

    This spreadsheet summarizes some known KR's
  2. Vision_2012

    Aircraft Epoxy, Marine Epoxy what's the difference?

    I just calculated, epoxy was 6% of my build.
  3. Vision_2012

    Music and homebuilders

    About 12 years ago I taught myself to play the flute. I have built a 25 string psaltery. Lately I have been working on melodic and blues harmonica.
  4. Vision_2012

    Moldless composite (aka "hotwired") --conventional (non-canard) aircraft

    As I was the first to build three piece wings built from Scott's spars, as far as I know, there is no other Vision EX (or Vision SP) 3 piece wings to compare weight to. The plans build a one piece wing. I suppose my wing would be heavier than normal Vision wings. But not by a lot. I applied two...
  5. Vision_2012

    Moldless composite (aka "hotwired") --conventional (non-canard) aircraft

    The Personal Cruiser has solid core wings and control surfaces. It uses fold-a-plane and is offered as a kit to facilitate "fast build". I built my Vision EX (plans only) with fold-a-plane and converted the panel build of composite wings to solid...
  6. Vision_2012

    Stress without tears book and a few questions.

    Sometimes when one is studying one source in detail and one becomes frustrated or is simply unsure of results, I find it helpful to find another source. The internet is great for this. I google the subject with the word "tutorial" as this usually results with a website that breaks down the...
  7. Vision_2012

    What did you do when you ran out of room?

    I built my plane in a workshop equal to a single car garage. 12 feet by 18 feet. I primed the fuselage and moved it outside. Wings were assembled and skinned in the covered area under the deck, outside the shop. I tried to work on the project everyday. I bought a cheap awning to block the...
  8. Vision_2012

    Flying club using Pientopl for instruction?

    For that detail I think you would have to call Bob. AFIK, the program gives 20 hours of instruction FREE to a student that participates in the RV12 building school. I don't have any details of the flying clubs organizations. This program is new to me, too. I just contributed it to address...
  9. Vision_2012

    Flying club using Pientopl for instruction?

    I understand Bob Kelly's AviationNation mentors high school kids to build RV12s and help them get their Sport Pilot's licenses in the built plane. Powered by sponsors. If a sponsor doesn't take ownership of the finished RV12, they may sell it and start another. It may also become the asset of a...
  10. Vision_2012

    Trailing-link landing gear

    Vision tricycle main gear.
  11. Vision_2012

    Jetpacks currently suck. What are the flaws, and how can we overcome them?

    I see jet packs, or preferably rocket packs, working best in non-gravity environments like orbits and deep space. Delete the requirement for lift and there will be successful person sized "flying". See the 1950 movie, Destination Moon. And if you have just a bit of gravity, smaller "hang...
  12. Vision_2012

    Need assistance with Challenger1

    Why not ask the Challenger people? Congrats on your purchase. May your skies be clear and your wallet never empty.
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  15. Vision_2012

    Core & Available Corvairs on Barnstormers Where were these when I was building up my engine? :ponder:
  16. Vision_2012

    My crash

    Dana, I'm glad you're okay. Live to fly again!
  17. Vision_2012

    Landing gear placement

    Gross weight CG would matter most, don't you think? A plane can't land or take off without the pilot and fuel. If I were applying the rule across 5 inches, I would use most aft maximum CG and check that the applied elevator moment can lift the nose. And if I was designing a plane with...
  18. Vision_2012

    Cozy IV Canopy Dimensions

    This forum would probably get you an answer quicker:
  19. Vision_2012

    Digifly Flyer VL100

    Try googling Digifly Flyer VL100, you may get some answers
  20. Vision_2012

    Vision EX has been signed off.

    Yes, turtle deck is bent to shape on forms, and yes, internal structure of firewall, bulkheads and seat back lock in the structure. Seat bottoms are removable. Last-a-foam can be bent with an application of heat.