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    Building a Cub in 1943
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    Surprising rocket technology

    Solar cells, high tech batteries, fuel cells - just the bleeding edge of NASA technology, right? Would you believe that a flathead inline 6 is being developed to power the next generation of spacecraft that Lockheed and Boeing is designing at ULA...
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    Warner 185 radial

    My Facebook feed had a link to the Warner engine that they claim is about to be built again. I had heard they were going to be built again in New Zealand about a year ago. Anybody heard anything on this engine lately?
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    Parallel Hybrid

    I stumbled across an article about a British professor that is experimenting with a parallel hybrid based on a Czech mircrolight design called the Song. Normally it flies with about a 20 hp engine, but in this example it is using a 7 KW Honda (~9 hp) in parallel with a 10 KW electric (~13 hp)...
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    Learning to free fall

    At some point I intend to build an acrobatic biplane, the Skyote. I also plan on a personal chute as a plan B option. But I don't want to go skydiving, because plan A is always land the plane. So the other day I got a look at the iFly vertical wind tunnels that are now scattered around some...
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    Mitchell B-10

    What is a original never flown, not completed B-10 worth? A widow on the east coast asked a friend who asked me. She wants to sell his toys.