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  1. Doran Jaffas

    Airplane For Sale VP 2 wanted with or without engine

    Is this the one that showed up in the Toledo area? Either way I appreciate it.
  2. Doran Jaffas

    Airplane For Sale VP 2 wanted with or without engine

    I am looking for a VP 2 with or without an engine. Airframe must be in good condition but paint and varnish can be in less than perfect condition so to speak. I have a specific reason for wanting a VP 2. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for a completed aircraft or an aircraft minus...
  3. Doran Jaffas

    Building a VW Aero-Engine

    Good morning or whatever it happens to be in your neck of the woods. I am considered to be a well-known member which I guess I'm not totally sure what that means but hopefully I have a little bit of credibility consider it I may be telling or asking a less than bright question. I am looking...
  4. Doran Jaffas

    Michael Roodt Sunbird Parasol

    Never seen one of these. Sweet little airplane! Let me know if you'd like to sell it! I'm in mid Michigan. Again for sure it is a sweet little bird.
  5. Doran Jaffas

    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    A Piper Tri-Pacer. I was 4 years old. Been hooked ever since. Sold the Tri-Pacer a few years ago and wish I still had it even though I do like my Tailwind. Thinking about getting something a little slower though because all of my friends have slowed down somewhat LOL.
  6. Doran Jaffas

    Part103 in every way but does not meet stall speed? Thoughts?

    There is no such thing is a dumb question when asked in a way that is a question. You can look the EAA and it will give you any of the questions that you would need answered. I'm not trying to beg off this but I think you would be best to get this information as I have asked about it.
  7. Doran Jaffas

    Airplane for the Common Denominator

    In the interest of having a long drawn-out argument I think common sense should went out in this case.
  8. Doran Jaffas

    Loehle 5151-how many still around?

    I might be interested. Although I really don't know where you're at. I'm in middle lower Michigan.
  9. Doran Jaffas

    UL First Flight .....Not Enough Rudder Authority or Just Bad Gear

    And that is all it is. There are basic design type criteria that are in most basic designs. If they look a little different or looked a little too much like Quincy shall we say they're probably going to have issues. At best without checking the materials and the type structure you can have a...
  10. Doran Jaffas


    looking for a windshield for a Grumman Yankee aa1a . They seem to be in short supply [email protected]
  11. Doran Jaffas

    Sonerai 2L

    I flew one for very two enjoyable years back. Excellent flying airplane but that someone else said just to be careful of the rudder. Sensitive but not too sensitive and definitely sporty.
  12. Doran Jaffas

    ISO: low wing design, tube/fabric entry level acro

    Maybe. I'm brain damaged.
  13. Doran Jaffas

    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    I might be a little late to the Forum here but is this individual building plans and just plans or are they actually building actual aircraft?
  14. Doran Jaffas

    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    I will make only one reply on this thread does it seems like beating a dead horse just for the sake of it. There truly isn't much of anything new in aviation. I agree with the other folks on here talkin about the tried-and-true. You had better be very very well-versed in engineering before you...
  15. Doran Jaffas

    ISO: low wing design, tube/fabric entry level acro

    Biplane is a part of my library. I've read it many times over the years. A fantastic and inspiring a read.
  16. Doran Jaffas

    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    All in the name of greed. I'm sure there is some Merit but not that much at the pump. Glad I use rec fuel .
  17. Doran Jaffas

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I've actually been doing quite a bit on mine over the winter. Doesn't look like it though. It rarely does. I have installed a completely different spinner strictly for the Tailwind. No more modifying others. Haven't flown it yet with the vibration seems acceptable and you can't really tell a...
  18. Doran Jaffas

    Airplane For Sale Hummel Ultracruiser

    True. There is some risk in every design. My Tailwind has the fuel tank in the cockpit as many of you know from being on here and I trust it completely. Just be careful with any type of fuel in the cockpit. Even fuel in the wings has its drawbacks.
  19. Doran Jaffas

    Aircraft for the common man, homebuilt or kit....

    Back in the day we took a hang glider and combined it with a motor and called it an ultra-light. Before that they were called airplanes. Then after that well you get the idea.. It's all relative.
  20. Doran Jaffas

    Airplane For Sale Striplin Air Cycle

    I remember when they came out. I'd like to find one now.