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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    The fuel burn stated is pretty close to the published number for a single 582 at the stated cruise rpm. You are looking at 10gal/hr as a realistic number.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    No disrespect for the Tucano designer, but with the low speed potential and two very thirsty engines that airplane has a very small market. Essentially, fly over rough terrain or water during light wind conditions and only local flights due to fuel burn. Tourist flights from an eco resort? But...
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    A Latvian light weight fighter

    Nicer looking then some of the contemporary concepts like the Douglas XP-48 or Bell XP-77. I have to say I really like the looks of inverted inline engine cowls. Too bad that type of engine isn’t readily available in HP ratings I’d be interested in. Seems the Walter engines never got proper...
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    back in the day it was bleeding a bit of CNG into the diesel intake. But doing that with hydrogen just seems like a loser, low density, easily leaks, two fuel systems, etc. Didn’t make sense with CNG, still doesn’t with hydrogen. But getting off topic of push pull. Honestly I’d think push...
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    That Red engine site says it’s a diesel burning Jet-A, but also says it burns hydrogen, mentions hybrid, but seems to be a turbo diesel only. Marketing hype?
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    What type of aircraft mishap has only ever happened once in the whole history of aviation?

    The Space Shuttle disintegrating above Texas is the only truly unique one I can think of. When else has a crewed, winged, vehicle had plasma burn a hole through a portion of it and crashed? X-15 had some damage from shockwaves, but it landed.
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    I am really worried about airflow past wing and into the prop. Cabin at wing leading edge is 36 inches at the hips. Snug, but with the staggered seating it’s actually like 13.5 inches on one side of the persons centerline and 22.5 inches on the other side. So really no snugger than a tandem with...
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    How wide is your cockpit? Mine is pretty narrow as passenger’s feet are the only thing next to pilot. Yours looks wider.
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    Wing is supported by structure between the skin and the internal expanding radiator duct. My intention was to keep the typical mess off the top of wing you see in most pushers for better airflow. The length allows for a proper expansion and pressure recovery before the radiator. Also makes the...
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    I saw yours a week or two back and was taken aback by the similarities. Convergent evolution I’m guessing. Same basic mission statement; 2 people, great visibility, short field ability, but reasonable cruise speed that is faster then the Kolbs, Challengers, etc., with some baggage. I’ve gone...
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    Doesn’t have landing gear or struts yet. Not the best 3d modeler by a mile, but took a crack to get a better idea of what it will look like. 2 seat staggered seating, Rotax 912, conventional gear. Aluminum sheet lower fuselage and boom. Composite cowling and radiator duct.
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    Aviation Mega Joke of the Week

    Reports that this is clickbait are Fake News.
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    BEDE's Hidden thus Forgotten design - SUPER DEMOISELLE

    Considering the timing I wonder if this was a test mule of sorts. Fiberglass wing panel rib sections on a tube spar like the BD-4 but 2 years earlier. Didn’t the BD-5 have a v tail in original concept? This might have been a cheap way to try things out and why not try to sell a few too? Why pull...
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    Work tables from hollow core doors

    I’ve used them too. Built a frame of 2x4s on the bottom that supports the doors, then MDF layers over. Everything screwed together, with upper layer of MDF replaceable if it wears out. Work bench and work table built that way. Nice and flat.
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    SeaBee in Ukraine

    Too bad they didn’t use the mass production methods on something a bit less niche.
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    UL First Flight .....Not Enough Rudder Authority or Just Bad Gear

    Definitely not an AirBike. Single wing strut instead of two, has a jury strut, gear mounts under bottom longeron instead of above. No obvious socket for the gear leg. Frise looking ailerons. Gear on this one looks like it is simply a 3/4 ish inch tube tube welded to the truss. From 50ft looks...
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    Airplane for the Common Denominator

    Thank you for more succinctly stating what I was talking about. Who exactly are we designing this airplane for?
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    Airplane for the Common Denominator

    The common denominator is pilots are an odd bunch. Nothing personal about that statement. The vast majority of people are not pilots. Most people can’t afford it, most have no real exposure to it, and most people can’t glue two pieces of wood together without hand holding. So you have a small...
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    Design challenge: world's smallest airplane.

    Need to define smallest. Smallest wingspan, smallest volume, least weight, least product of span and length, etc. If smallest span is the criteria and length doesn’t count I could see a longish skinny fuselage with say 5ft span 2ft cord wings at the front and back as a tandem. Tip rudders on...
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    Designing an Ultralight

    Here are some observations from designing your own. I’m in the midst of finalizing my current design so feel I can weigh in. Design books come in three basic flavors: 1. Laying out the shape and size of the airplane - Raymers book, Design of the Airplane, Pazmany’s book, and many others. They...