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  1. Markproa

    Bagalini Colombo - article with great pics

    Funny how those wheels used to look normal but now look tiny since the advent of Youtube.
  2. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    Thanks guys, I know how to fix it, the question was whether it would make much difference when flying. The best way to fix it would be to move the bracket on the stabilator but that would require cutting an access hole through the plywood skin to get to the nuts. The brackets are bolted through...
  3. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    I was thinking along the lines of "it's a French thing, they do that to offset the spiral slipstream effect". Then watch them go check out the Jodels.
  4. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    Why? Nothing is bent or loose, it's just set up a bit skewwy.
  5. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    Yes, I'd like to correct it as it will bug me forever more. On the other hand not enough to want to rip the thing apart if it's just a cosmetic issue. I'm not sure yet if it's the pivot brackets on the fuselage or the elevator mount brackets that are out. The elevator is enclosed with sheet...
  6. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    That's a good point Gerald. I imported the photo into a cad program and it is 1 degree out compared to a line drawn from one aileron end to the other, maybe slightly less given your observation.
  7. Markproa

    Horizontal tail not horizontal

    I finally got my Gazaile2 out of the hangar after 6 months of constant rain here on Australia's east coast. It hasn't been test-flown yet so I'm going back over everything. One thing I noticed was my all-flying horizontal tail is not level, it's 1 degree rotated to the right. I bought the plane...
  8. Markproa

    SeaBee in Ukraine

    A fellow down the road here in Australia imported a Seabee and is doing a total restore and will be fitting twin diesel converted car engines.
  9. Markproa


    I'm already busy getting the Gazaile2 in the air. I don't need another one .....................yet.
  10. Markproa


    No, it's not the plane he wants to fly, he'd prefer a STOL and he doesn't like the rigid undercarriage. He also hates rules and paperwork so I can't see him getting back into aviation. Maybe I'll make him an offer one day.
  11. Markproa

    What is the lightest battery I can use

    I use one of these here. It is the same battery size of my 650 V twin motorbike yet starts my 1600cc diesel without problems. It also has the restart feature so if I flatten my battery it reserves enough amps for one start. Can anyone tell me why a special charger is needed for lithium...
  12. Markproa

    Paulownia Elongata?

    I have used a great deal of Paulownia having built several ocean-going boats out of the stuff. I built my plane out of Hoop pine.
  13. Markproa

    Aussie Double Eagle

    Talk to Boatcraft Pacific in QLD. They can source nice sticks for aircraft and let you know the weight.
  14. Markproa

    Sadler Vampire

    I take your point but I witnessed the Stratos flying a couple of times back in the 80's and it certainly wasn't a poor performer. An extraordinary little aircraft.
  15. Markproa

    Jet-A vs. diesel

    I don't see that being of benefit with my plane. It's easy enough to tip a litre of oil into the tank when filling with jet A and not when using diesel. I guess it would be necessary for an aircraft manufacturer offering an alternative to Avgas power. People with plenty of money are usually...
  16. Markproa

    Jet-A vs. diesel

    So are you saying I don't need to add any extra lubrication to Jet A fuel for my VE pump to be safe? Can you qualify that, it's not something I want to get wrong. BTW, the engine is a modern electronic injection diesel converted to use a mechanical Bosch VE pump.
  17. Markproa

    Too many birds around your airfield? Get some pigs!

    The possibility of pigs flyinghas always been questionable.
  18. Markproa

    Qualifying a Experimental built from Parts ?

    Buying two unfinished projects and sticking them together does not sound like a good way to save time. I've bought two unfinished projects in my life and believe me it's not easy to proceed where someone else left off. The likleyhood of finding two projects whos progress compliment each other is...
  19. Markproa

    It Broke!

    It's interesting that this Viking 130 uses what looks to be a similar size air filter that I used and is attached with the same sort of silicone elbow hose as mine that sucked closed. Maybe it has a spring inside. It Broke!
  20. Markproa

    Defend Raptor

    I'm starting to get the impression that members of Homebuilt Airplanes are a bit skeptical that PM can create a functional aircraft that fits his predictions?🤔😃