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    Rotary engine breakthrough (?)

    Hello all, As far as I can tell, there has been no mention of this Mazda rotary engine modification on this forum, yet. I'm curious to hear what anyone of you has to say about this. Especially, the 2nd mod of his, the "combustion chamber offset". If this is as good as it looks ... Here's...
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    Lugs - 4130, or something softer?

    Hi all .. looking for some feedback, please. With a 4130 steel tubed fuselage, it would follow that mounting lugs would be the same material. However, since in most cases, the lugs being supported on one side, .. more bending potential .. would substituting milder, softer steel be a better...
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    TIG signal emmissions

    Hello all, .. to my knowledge, this hasn't been discussed here. I'd appreciate hearing how any of you have dealt with this, please .. Here's the situation .. I just picked up a used Lincoln Precision Tig 225, with plans on using it, in my garage. My neighbor's home, on my garage side, is only...
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    Fiberglass repair of a sailboat question

    Pardon me from getting away from aircraft, and going to watercraft, .. but I think that this could apply to planes as well. A friend of mine has a small sailboat, and it's leaking in the area where the keel goes through the bottom. I haven't seen it, yet, but my guess is that it's weakened &...
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    Fisher 202 on floats?

    Curious to know, if anyone's equipped a Fisher 202 Koala with floats? It seems like it be a good candidate for floats, .. heck, even amphibious floats? Thanks all.
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    Eccentric/Concentric aileron choice on the Tailwind

    Hi all, .. This is my first post, here. Cool site, huh? I've appreciated the time just reading from everyone's experience, and ideas. My deal is that I'm looking into building a Wittman Tailwind. I bought my plans back when Steve was still living. I gave him a call, and we set up a time for...