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  1. Victor Bravo

    Unusual Duty Cycle?

    Nice to see you here Steve! We met years ago, you sold me an Airbike and you took me out in the Tri-Pacer to look at a T-craft rotting away in a private strip south of town. I always think of you when I see your ads for those Protech PT-2's :)
  2. Victor Bravo

    1-Up Concept Design

    Option 1) Have a carbon tow or pulltrusion "loop" laminated to the top of the rear spar. Then have a bushing laminated to the rear face of the main spar. The tailboom is assembled by sliding the front part through the loop, then continuinig forward until the steel pin goes into the bushing at...
  3. Victor Bravo

    Chinook Plus 2

    This is an interesting thread, thanks. I had never given the Chinook a second thought, I just looked at it as another generic ultralight like all the other similar lookinig ones. I'm starting to understand that it may be a little more heavy duty and more capable aircraft than 'just another' pod...
  4. Victor Bravo

    Starter Part 103 for a beginner on a budget

    The blue and white airplane (covered in genuine TopFlite MonoKote!) is the "Rubber Bandit", and AFAIK it is still stored in a hangat at KVNY. I seem to remember hearing they did finally fly it, but it was after another rubber powered airplane flew, so Rubber Bandit didn't set the record or...
  5. Victor Bravo

    Starter Part 103 for a beginner on a budget

    That's pretty common here, we all like to be creative and find new ways to drag the discussion off into the weeds. Once you forgive us that character flaw, you will genuinely find a lot of knowledgeable people here, and you will very easily be able to separate the knowledge from the armchair...
  6. Victor Bravo

    Pushers...way to go ?

    This type of powerplant avoids all the cryogenic and caustic and leakage issues of the ones previously mentioned:
  7. Victor Bravo

    Flying Bike Mark 3

    May I tthen suggest a different tack... the reason is not to discourage or disparage, but to get you into something that will actually fly. Buy or make a paraglider parachute/wing, and attach the harness to the bike frame. You will be able to pedal fast enough to eventually inflate the wing and...
  8. Victor Bravo

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Congrats on a very successful rollout, I'm sure your entire team will have a big winner. Can all the guys here on HBA put suggestions into a box, for where it should be sent on its first actual sortie? I'm in the mood for some Kimchi...
  9. Victor Bravo

    B21 Reveal

    I will write a check for $650 Million to buy one of the B-21's, if they use it to mother-(#*#$F*% vaporize the little bugger in some curry-smelling outhouse halfway around the world who's attacking my computer from within.
  10. Victor Bravo

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    But at a coordinated display (airshow, air race, formation display), the pilots all agree to abide by the planning and decision-making of the Air Boss. Otherwise you would have 20 chiefs and no indians, and there would be 100X the number of airshow crashes than there have been. So it is not a...
  11. Victor Bravo

    Flying Bike Mark 3

    I apologize in advance for any snarkiness or pointed comments. But... At what point will you realize that you have done almost as much work and spent almost as much time as building a MiniMax kit, which is guaranteed to get you and/or your son into the air safely? Take a look at the MiniMax...
  12. Victor Bravo

    Viking 130 Flight Experience

    Well if I ws going to be an ass, I'd certainly rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass. Tragically, I have numerous examples of both in my CV.
  13. Victor Bravo


    The RV-3 (now RV-3B) will likely be the greatest fun flying experience you have ever had in your life. It will tick all the boxes you mentioned - at least 9 out of 10 each. I believe they now make a quick-build version that MAY not be as far back-ordered as the other RV's. As an airline pilot...
  14. Victor Bravo

    Pushers...way to go ?

    EEEEEEE-----lectric is one of the things that actually might make the Mini-Imp configuration a reality, whenever that confounded battery gets here. The driveshaft TV issues would be gone, you wouldn't be carrying a whole bucket of steel buckshot around, and cooling would be greatly simplified...
  15. Victor Bravo

    B21 Reveal

    It's not the "Stealth Bomber", it's the Wealth Bomber. It drops gold bars from Fort Knox, hitting the enemy soldiers on the head.
  16. Victor Bravo

    Roger Mann is building a new, affordable Ragwing ultralight.

    Nothing, as far as I'm concerned it's very interesting, and very relevant. Watching with interest, glad to participate in the discussion.
  17. Victor Bravo

    Pushers...way to go ?

    "Form Follows Function" I believe is the correct thought process here. Whatever the specific purpose(s) for the airplane, that's what it should look like. STOL competitionis make airplanes look like Super Cubs. Cheapskate paying passengers make airplanes look like 737's. Speed record pursuit...
  18. Victor Bravo


    This is on a Boeing KC-97, right?
  19. Victor Bravo

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Lanier "Cessna" ARF trainer, Fox .25 R/C engine, MRC 5 channel "digital proportional" radio, 72.400 "orange & white" frequency :) Circa 1974. Colby W. Evett, Evett's Model Shop, Santa Monica, CA, R/C flight instructor & mentor Rest in Peace Mr. Evett, you made a difference.