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  1. danmoser

    Strojnik S2A motorglider plans and/or project

    Trying to obtain plans for the S-2 or S-2A motorglider... mostly for study, but would also consider a project plane in any condition. The late Alex Strojnik had offered plans for sale at one time, but discontinued them due to liability concerns.
  2. danmoser

    DaSH PA, an impressive human-powered airplane flies

    First successful test flights of the DaSH PA .. the team did a very impressive job!! "Dead Simple Human-Powered Airplane – is the brainchild of Alec Proudfoot. It’s been years in the making and Saturday’s achievement was a soaring one for him and the 300 volunteers who designed and built the...
  3. danmoser

    CGS, Hawk Aviation is closed & put up for sale.

    I just found out about this today.. very interesting development. Chuck's Glider Supplies, and the companies that grew from it, have done so much for the free flight / ultralight movement. I hope someone is able to pick up the banner & carry on with it. The Home of the Hawk! EFFECTIVE...
  4. danmoser

    Minimum Drag Nose Cowling for Electric Planes

    Trying to minimize the drag from the cowling on a tractor propeller plane is highly dependent upon engine cooling requirements. However, cooling requirements are greatly reduced for electric propulsion, allowing potential drag reduction by resculpting the nose cowling. Modern pusher propeller...
  5. danmoser

    Bright Star SWIFT ultralight sailpane

    S/N 037 located in Sandy, Utah (Salt Lake City area). This glider is in good condition and is a joy to fly. Included are full fairing with new canopy material, motor mount (no motor or prop), 2nd Chantz ballistic reserve chute, and misc. spare parts. It flies very well and comes with a...
  6. danmoser

    6013-T4 sheet 0.032" thick aluminum, strong as 2024, weldable.

    For sale are 4 sheets of Alcoa 6013-T4 aluminum measuring 48" wide, 72" long, and 0.032" thick .. surplus from another project. This is a hard-to-find, premium grade weldable material. It is more formable in the -T4 temper. After forming and/or welding, you can artificially age it up to -T6...
  7. danmoser

    Extent of laminar flow possible with flexible wing skins

    It seems the vast majority - if not all - successful laminar flow airfoil and fuselage surfaces are of rigid construction. But is it possible to achieve significant laminar flow with flexible materials? I'm thinking of stretched laminated sailcloth, doped fabric, thin composite sheets without...
  8. danmoser

    Karl Nickel's Falter 1 tailless aircraft

    I've always been intrigued by the late Dr. Karl Nickel's "Falter 1" ultralight aircraft design. Only two pages of his book, "Tailless Aircraft in Theory and Practice", co-authored by Micheal Wohlfahrt, had mentioned it... scanned pages attached here: Karl, a protege of the Horten brothers, had...
  9. danmoser

    Twin engine powered sailplane.. Cinema 2

    Found a link to info. on a WWII-era powered two-seat sailplane.. Frankfort Cinema 2 A unique twin engine arrangement: mounting on the struts! This avoids a lot of problems with other installations: landing gear mods, CG shift, non-ideal thrust line, prop clearance issues...
  10. danmoser

    Bailey Aviation'n new 2-stroke boxer twin, the Hornet

    This engine sounds awesome! .. to be released soon. Bailey Aviation
  11. danmoser

    Daiichi Kosho DK 472 engine or not??

    I believe I have a Daiichi Kosho 472 Engine ... but I'm not sure... can anyone confirm? This was acquired with a lot of other parts from a friend of a friend who became too old & sick to build & fly aircraft, or even communicate with others very well... so I can't find out anything about this...
  12. danmoser

    Two Konig 3-cylinder radial engines for sale! SC-430, one with redrive

    I am selling two Konig SC-430 engines. These are 3-cylinder radials, 2-stroke, 430 cc. They were acquired as part of a multi-aircraft purchase and were formerly used to power a SWIFT motorglider. I have no plans to use these engines, so they are for sale. Parts and new engines available from...
  13. danmoser

    Sold 2A042 engine, Teledyne mil. surplus, flown on Mini-Max - SOLD

    4-stroke, 2 cylinder horizontally opposed with 42 cubic inches displacement. This engine model can reportedly put out 22 hp at 3500 RPM in stock configuration. One guy recently told me he's getting over 30hp out of it with milled heads, and various other hot rod tricks. Reportedly weighs about...
  14. danmoser

    Kasperwing in any condition / any location

    I'm in the market for a Kasperwing ultralight.. will consider anything from a basket case to a well-preserved gem. Thanks! Dan 801-502-4379
  15. danmoser

    Flying Wing with "Diffuser Tips" AKA "Weltensegler Crank" AKA "Stromburg Wing"

    I've always wanted to explore the properties of this unique, bird-like wing configuration. The wing is usually sweptback with dihedral over most of the span, but the wing is bent (or cranked) downward near the tips with substantial anhedral.. this bent down portion is usually equipped with...
  16. danmoser

    Valued HBA Member Passes

    I was very sad to learn that Brett Snellgrove... known on this forum under the name MichealValentinSmith.. passed away a few months ago.. I always enjoyed his thoughful, reasoned posts. Without fail, he brought civility, kindness and courtesy to the discussion. I will miss his outside-the-box...
  17. danmoser

    Aircraft designed for rudder only (aileron-less) turning

    Some aircraft are designed to accommodate rudder-only turns. My first RC model airplane had this, and my first hang glider did too (Quicksilver B). Generous amounts of dihedral seems to be the key ingredient in making reasonably successful rudder-only turns.. But I can't find much in the way of...