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    Some questions about KF airfoils and other things

    So I was going back over some stuff about the KF airfoil, and I was thinking that maybe the stability they display is because the notch creates a fixed point where the airflow goes from laminar to turbulent, so the COL doesn't wander around when the AOA changes. On that note, would regular wings...
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    Alternative blower for blown wing

    So, I'm sitting on the can thinking about how the usual ways of blowing wings kind of suck. The squirrel cage fans aren't efficient and rows of mini fans mean tons of parts. Consider the rotary vane compressor. You could extend one of those axially the full length of the wing but with better...
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    Solved the oil issue on this concept

    So, a while back I posted this guy. A three-cylinder air cooled radial diesel two-stroke. Kept it to only three cylinders so it could have stroke overlap while using nested forked con rods to prevent the off-axis thrust and balance issues radials using a master rod have. There was a potential...
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    Aft delta tandems and the people who love them

    So, my latest batch of ideas involve exploring the possible advantages of tandems where the aft wing is a delta. Seaplane Cargo/passenger plane General fun flyer Utility cargo/passenger/bush plane Small fun flyer Will the directional stability imparted by the delta be enough to not...
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    More of my random designs

    For fun I decided to mess around with a small passenger/cargo plane design. Not just neat looking, it's based on specific traits I wanted to include. Twin engine redundancy without serious off-axis problems if one fails means a lot of design compromises to make it push-pull or the fiddly bits...
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    Tailless Aircraft - Reflex and other design issues

    Moderator Note: This topic was broken out of the "Motorcycle of the Air" thread, since it's OT for that material. ---------------- As long as we're being goofy, I may as well ask. Do Fauvel type tailless planes need less reflex than planks due to how the root chord is almost as long as the...
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    Build techniques: Cramming A Thing Into Another Thing.

    When reading about one of the construction techniques used to make the Spitfire, I got to thinking about how the way the wing spar was made of concentric telescoping tubes could be adapted and expanded upon. Just cutting and sticking various sizes and thickness of aluminum tube into each other...
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    Revisiting the Awesome Possum

    The name is silly, but I stand by it. :gig: Anyhow, some of you probably remember my posting of the AP from the VP and MOTA threads. Not pretty, but I still think the concept could be a good contender in the world of homebuilts. The final configuration will need to be tweaked a bit from what...
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    Aircraft design tricks with Google Sketchup

    Most of you have probably heard of Sketchup, but for those who haven't it's a free program for doing basic 3D modeling. While somewhat limited compared to hardcore ones like Blender, it's easy to use and pretty flexible once you have the knack of working within it's abilities. This thread is...
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    biplanes and multi-wing setups

    Ok, so far every biplane setup I've seen tends to have wings with a rather low aspect ratio and spaced a certain way. Now I'm told that having the stagger with the top wing forward is more efficient and that there is a formula for calculating how much vertical and horizontal space there needs to...